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The Young Urban Society & Kia Rap Princess @ The Spot

by Miracle

Remember how the coverage of the Southside Hip-Hop movement began with a post on a live session featuring Rockz Solid at The Spot.? Well Mike Hernandez and DJ Cell of The Young Urban Society put together another live session featuring Blaqlizt Entertainment‘s own Kia Rap Princess. This time around DJ Cell took on more of a host type role. Mr. Hernandez was behind the camera once again. Mike Angel was responsible for the tunes. And Kia did what she does best, spit some hot tracks for everyone to enjoy. She did take a few minutes to chop it up with DJ Cell though to give fans a bit of insight on who she is. Check out all the action below.

If readers enjoyed this session, then be sure to head out to The Spot this Friday. Mike and company are throwing the Sounds From The Othaground 2 event. Kia will be blessing the mic along with Sinista New Breed and a few other local talents. And DJ Cell will be providing the music. But if readers just can’t wait until Friday, they can check Kia out on her Sound Cloud page as well. Take a moment to click that Young Urban Society link too. It explains/showcases what the Southside movement is all about.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was another good session. I liked the fact that Kia not only showed off her crazy rhyme skills but that she blessed viewers with some of her vocal work as well. She has a nice little singing voice. And her and DJ Cell had a cool vibe going. It would be dope to see them do a mixtape or at least a track together. I know they read these, so think about it guys! On another note, major props to the Young Urban Society for the positivity and spotlight they are bringing to the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene. That’s a good look! -MinM

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