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Pure Game Entertainment Presents: Big Doon – “Pull Up At The Mall”

by Miracle

(Photo By Calleni Johnson)

“Pull Up At The Mall”

Pure Game Entertainment, Inc is a local Milwaukee independent entertainment company. The company is ran by Calleni Johnson and has been around since 2003. The company scouts, discovers, and develops up-and -coming talent in the Mid-West area. In addition to taking on artists, Pure Game also provides services in the areas of: music production, film production, marketing, studio time, mastering, and music administration (copy rights, ASCAP, etc.).  Pure Game specializes in the genre of Gangsta Rap and has several quality rappers on their roster. Those rappers include: Hustle Mode Clic (H.M.C), Bill Martell, and Big Doon. Currently, the company is working on several projects featuring the previously mentioned artists.

One project is an upcoming EP by rapper Big Doon called Splurge Muzic. The buzz single for the EP is entitled “Pull Up At The Mall.” It was released not too long ago and is receiving some pretty positive reviews. It was produced by Super Mario Production and can be heard/purchased on iTunes via the above provided link. The production on this single is hot.  It contains a light bass, an up-tempo pace, and a feel good vibe. The hook is on point too. It has a sing song element and is insanely catchy. One of those that just gets stuck in your head, so you can’t help but sing it all the time. The verses are also quality. Big Doon has a solid flow and nicely crafted rhymes. He does a good job of recounting his baller adventures to the listener. In fact, he makes it seem like he’s having so much fun that one wishes they could hit up a mall or two right along with the Milwaukee native. Overall, this track is a banger. The upbeat production and Doon’s high spirited lyrics easily inspire one to want to keep this cut on repeat. But hit that link though and give it a spin for yourself.

**My Two Cents: This track really does have a seriously infectious energy about it. You can’t help but to nod your head or something when it comes on. And it certainly stays with you after your hear it. I saw the fellas perform this track at Danny’s Lounge weeks ago and recognized it the instant I pressed play. Doon certainly has a winner on his hands with this one and it’s clear to see why it’s receiving so much love around the city. -MinM

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