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(Photo By Steve White)

Meet Pure Game Entertainment artist Bill Martell. Martell was born here in Milwaukee but also spent some time in Indiana growing up. He took to Hip-Hop early in his life and developed a strong desire to create music. His inspiration came about through artists like: Tupac, Nas, Master P, etc. He stepped foot into the world of Hip-Hop by recording his first feature with his long time friend Calleni Johnson. Johnson is also the CEO of Pure Game Entertainment. The feature went so well that Johnson brought Martell into his company and the rest is pretty much history. Since joining the company, Martell has secured a few singles and mixtapes under his belt. His end game plan is to become the ultimate artist and business man.

(Photo By Calleni Johnson)

“Pull Up At The Mall”

Pure Game Entertainment, Inc is a local Milwaukee independent entertainment company. The company is ran by Calleni Johnson and has been around since 2003. The company scouts, discovers, and develops up-and -coming talent in the Mid-West area. In addition to taking on artists, Pure Game also provides services in the areas of: music production, film production, marketing, studio time, mastering, and music administration (copy rights, ASCAP, etc.).  Pure Game specializes in the genre of Gangsta Rap and has several quality rappers on their roster. Those rappers include: Hustle Mode Clic (H.M.C), Bill Martell, and Big Doon. Currently, the company is working on several projects featuring the previously mentioned artists.