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Bill Martell – “I Know” (Video Trailer)

by Miracle

(Photo By Steve White)

Meet Pure Game Entertainment artist Bill Martell. Martell was born here in Milwaukee but also spent some time in Indiana growing up. He took to Hip-Hop early in his life and developed a strong desire to create music. His inspiration came about through artists like: Tupac, Nas, Master P, etc. He stepped foot into the world of Hip-Hop by recording his first feature with his long time friend Calleni Johnson. Johnson is also the CEO of Pure Game Entertainment. The feature went so well that Johnson brought Martell into his company and the rest is pretty much history. Since joining the company, Martell has secured a few singles and mixtapes under his belt. His end game plan is to become the ultimate artist and business man.


Presently, he is promoting a new single called “I Know” which was produced by Ric & Thad Productions. The song is currently available on iTunes and a video for the track is also on the way. A trailer for the upcoming flick can be seen above. The trailer was done courtesy of Steve White. The trailer entails: a very spiffy looking Bill Martell, a little drama, and attractive ladies. Seems like the video is going to be something not to be missed. Additionally, Martell is also gearing up to release a brand new mixtape dubbed, Hawaii In Wisconsin. So fans can be on the lookout for that as well.

**My Two Cents: I like what I’ve heard from the Pure Game Entertainment camp so far. And I love Steve White’s work. So I am anticipating this video. The song sounds pretty fair too. Readers should take advantage of the iTunes link and give it a preview. If you like what you hear, show Martell some love and go ahead and purchase the track. -MinM

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Deunta "The DOUBLE" Madry October 2, 2012 - 3:15 pm

Hot shit cuzz I see u nigga keep it movin


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