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Malik Ferraud – “Around The World” (Video)

by Miracle

About 2 weeks ago, Malik Ferraud hit his fans with a brand new video. The flick was for a song off of his current mixtape, Damn. The song he picked was “Around The World” which was produced by Black Diamond. It was also a featured song in the previous mixtape review. See how he visually interpreted the track below.


A quick note about this song. It contains a sample of “Travellin’ Man” by Mos Def. This video was directed, filmed, and edited by Joe Austin Films. The piece focuses on Malik Ferraud as he treks through a vast array of scenery. He experiences everything from the common urban city setting to a vibrant garden setting with plush green plants and trees. Additionally, there are a lot of animals seen in the different areas as well like: a horse, lizard, elephant, etc. The video ends with a shot of a van driving away with a Malik Ferraud sticker on the rear window. As a whole, this is a great video.

**My Two Cents: I really enjoyed this video. It fit the song perfectly by playing up the traveling around the world aspect. Also, there was some really amazing greenery and wildlife shots in this flick. Apparently, Malik’s fans loved the video too. It has gotten over 3,000 views already and as a thank you to his supporters, Malik released a new track. Stay tuned to the site for a review of the single. In the meantime, visit Malik here. -MinM

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