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Malik Ferraud – Damn (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Damn (listen/download)

“Traffic Jam” (Previous Review)

Baltimore native Malik Ferraud has been generating quite the buzz with his brand new mixtape, Damn. And his previous features went over pretty well with readers. Therefore decided it was time to finally investigate his project and see how it pans out. Click the jump for the results.

“Around The World”

This track was produced by Black Diamond. The production here is fresh. It consists of a variety of musical components, a medium level bass, and a chill vibe. The hook is solid. It’s more or less just repetition of the song title. The verses are quality. Malik has a consistent flow, acute wordplay, and well put together rhymes. He shares his frustrations and observations in regards to trying to make it in the Hip-Hop industry with the listener in a very down to earth manner. Noteworthy lines include: “In search of making star bucks without a coffee stand. Offering songs to the people. We all are equal. Caught up in situations that make us good or evil. Every night I treat her like my last. There may not be a sequel. So I’m trying to speak the spoken word, be true, and stay peaceful.” Malik spit some knowledge in those lines while keeping things practical and simple. That’s a good look. Overall, this song is a hit.


The production here is hot. The instruments have a soulful groove to them and when combined with the deep tone of the track, they create a very smooth sound. The hook is proper. There is a deejay style scratching introduced and some song clips.The delivery is fair and the lyrics are straightforward. The verses are good. Malik embodies a laid back flow that utilizes intellectual wordplay and artistic rhymes. He constructs visuals for the listener by putting his words together in a very expressive format. Peep it as he spits: “And imagine this picture through my vocal lens. I create art and ink fantasies with a broken pen. My mind’s a gallery take a moment and come on in. Please excuse the paint. I haven’t finished this image. It takes a second to glance and a minute to witness. But I’d rather erase  ya vision. Use your hands so you can feel it. Distinguish the difference between talent and gifted. A masterpiece compared to a sketch.” An incredible way with words is demonstrated in those lines. All in all, this song is a smash and a favorite off of the mixtape.

“Coming Of Age”

The production here is solid. The various musical ingredients give off a very vintage sound and vibe sonically. The hook is on point. The delivery blends well with the beat. The lyrics are catchy and direct. There is only a single verse on this song as it is a shorter cut. But it’s a pretty strong verse. Malik brings a neat flow and tip-top rhymes. He does a compelling job of enlightening the listener on the nature of his grind. Memorable lines include: “Well I’m working for it. It’s not easy. Staying up til’ it’s morning out, hardly sleeping. Treating every day like it’s the weekend. But I’m far from partying. I’d rather be selling out shows with an audience gathering all together for the better.” Just a couple of lines but they get the point across. In the end, this song is fly and worthy of a spin or two.

“Work All Day”

This song was produced by SB (SharkBait). The production here is sick. It features delicate sound effects, a mid-tempo pace, and a captivating vibe. The hook is first-rate. The delivery is energetic and the lyrics are prime. The verses are respectable. Malik serves up a speedy flow, snappy wordplay, and honest rhymes. He confesses his true feelings about working a regular 9 to 5 in comparison to what he really wants to do, which is be an emcee. Observe as he spits:”See often I been waiting. Closed minded and hating. Debating if I’m a make it. My patience made me impatient. If there is a devil I suppose that we been dating. Cause I been going through hell trying to get a little famous. The people I reach out to always be flaking. All I got in this world is my shadow and we racing.” Colorful lines right there by Mr. Ferraud. Overall, this song is a banger and another favorite off of the mixtape.

**My Two Cents: Malik Ferraud is dope. What makes him so hot is his cultivated way with words and the fact that he doesn’t rap about the typical: materialism, sex, violence, etc. He steps outside the box and does something different. And the way he puts his rhymes together is genius. Love Hip-Hop that makes you think. Damn as a whole is a satisfactory tape. Malik chose some talented producers and he did a commendable job with the lyrical content. The tape may not appeal to all Hip-Hop heads but those who like a little intricacy in their music will love it. Please head on over to Band Camp and give a listen for yourselves though. -MinM

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