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The Movie Council – Taken 3 (Review)

by Miracle

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A promising way to kick off a new year in cinema would seemingly be with the third installment of the popular Thriller based franchise, Taken. Taken 3 hit theaters yesterday (1/9/15) with the tagline indicating that it may be the last film of the series. This time around Liam Neeson gets the raw end of the deal when he is framed for the tragic murder of his ex-wife. He uses his aptitude for justice to hunt down her killers and protect his daughter. So it appears to have all the dramatics that fans have come to expect from the brand. The Movie Council decided to go check it out for themselves and then of course they put together a thorough yet blunt review of the motion picture. One may be taken aback at their reaction. Peep it after the break.

Rick Porter starts in with his thoughts on the directing which is done courtesy of Olivier Megaton. Though he loves Megaton’s previous works (Colombiana, Transporter 3), he is not too pleased with his work on Taken 3. He feels like all of the pizzazz was spent on the promo material and trailers, leaving nothing for the movie itself – ouch. His fellow members tend to agree. Qewl Miles pipes up next regarding the acting. Sadly, his thoughts don’t get any more positive. He gives Liam Neeson and Forest Whitaker their props for being gifted in their crafts but feels like they were not properly accommodated in this film to make the impacts that they are known for. Again, the rest of the team feels the same way.

Rich P. then slides through with some biting remarks on the writing tip. He feels like it was mediocre at best and fails greatly to draw the viewer into the storyline. His partners in cinema crime agree that the movie is lacking in the script area especially as it pertains to continuity and emotion. So tough break for Mr. Luc Besson. As member Keelo Graham could not make this particular outing, the council decides to collectively run through the flaws of the film. Which by this point of the review, seems to be all of it (lbvs). But other areas that they believe to fall short include the score and action scenes or rather the lack thereof. Member Kal’L especially thinks that the score is a complete miss and that there is not enough vitality to give off that edge of your seat excitement that one looks forward to in a good Thriller based picture. The overall consensus from all four members is that the flick is very poorly done and rates in at a whopping ZERO stars. Meaning the guys feel that it should not be seen at all. Not even if you’re not paying for it. Can we say brutal? But they do encourage viewers to keep in mind that the review is subjective so everyone is free to take a gamble at catching Taken 3 if they so desire.

**My Two Cents: Well damn! The Movie Council just destroyed Taken 3 in this review. I feel bad like it’s my movie or something (lol). But they kept it 100% raw and honest, no sugarcoating. And one has to respect that. I for one enjoyed Taken as well as Taken 2, so I’ll probably go against the grain on this one and check out Taken 3. I just know now to dial down the expectations a bit (haha). The guys do a wonderful job of getting their points across and kept the review very spirited and entertaining. So if you can handle differing opinions without getting butt hurt, I definitely recommend giving this a watch. Here’s to hoping they like the next movie a bit better though (lol). -MinM

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