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Illuminati Roundtable: New Year, Petty Me

by Pooh Bailey

(Photo Courtesy Of Google Images)

Guess whose back like your significant other during tax season? Pooh Bailey. I gave you guys a little time to fake listen to mixtapes and ignore family members. Now lets get back to celebrity business. This year will be the same as last year. There’s no new year, new me motto over here. I’m still petty. I will still tell you how I feel. And I couldn’t care less about the dissertations that some of you guys write in response to it. So here’s a little recap of what some of your favorite celebrities have been doing while you were waiting on your W-2s.

-Shots rang out a club that Chris Brown was performing at. I’m guessing Christopher is thanking God that those bullets weren’t loyal.

Lupe Fiasco and Azealia Banks got into a Twitter beef over who can stall their career the longest. Banks is winning.

Kendrick Lamar adds his name to the list of Black men capping for Iggy Azalea while down talking the Black community. Guess I won’t pay for that album if it ever gets a release date.

-Grammys decided that Black acts aren’t allowed in the general fields. Keep them in the Hip-Hop/R&B sections only.

Jennifer Lopez did a HBO concert that, just like her album, was ignored.

Kevin Gates admits to having sex with his cousin. Things these new weirdos say to sell an extra album.

And lastly…

Kanye and Paul McCartney dropped a nice snoozefest titled “Only One.” This song proves that the Kanye West we love and admire no longer exists. Kanye Kardashian is here to stay. But that’s only until Kris Jenner decides to end this Kimye storyline. So until then, we’re stuck with this mediocrity of music.

And that is all. -Pooh Bailey

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