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Rob Regal – “Number One” / “Made Me Interlude” (Video)

by Miracle

rob-regal-number-onemade-me-inte-787x500“Number One” (previous review)

“Made Me Interlude” (preview)

Towards the tail end of last year Rob Regal released two singles to get fans ready for his upcoming project, The Reflection. Those songs were “Number One” and “Made Me Interlude.” Both of which can be found via the above links. At the end of the year, he followed up the leaks with a visual that incorporates both tracks. Readers can check out the new video after the break.

The video is directed by Matt Sugawara. The setting for the flick includes U Street which is located in DC and Cathedral Park which is located in Maryland. “Number One” is the first record up. Regal basically just posts up on a sidewalk area and goes in on the performance tip. There are some neat tricks done with motion/movement that strikingly catch the eye as well as a few cameo appearances. New York rapper Mickey Factz is one of the familiar faces that stands out on the cameo front. Others include: Chaz French, Sir E.U., and PRO’Verb. This portion of the vision wraps up with a clip of live performance footage thrown in the mix.

“Made Me Interlude” spans the second half of the piece. It sees Regal posted up at a relatively empty basketball court during the day which is a bit of a contrast from the beginning set up. He essentially just wanders the length of the court while spitting his rhymes. The varying angles and isolated surroundings help to make the scene pop. The second half closes out with a sweeping view of the trees within the park area before fading to black. All in all, this is a well blended venture.

**My Two Cents: I really like both parts of this video. I think they match their respective singles nicely. Additionally, Rob Regal gives a compelling delivery for both selections. His energy definitely brings a refreshing spirit to the visual as a whole. I believe readers will tend to agree and therefore should give this a glance when they have some spare time. Also, be sure to keep up with Regal via the link at the start of the post to stay in the loop on future releases, videos, and more. The Reflection is slated to hit the masses sometime this year. So be on alert for that as well. -MinM

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