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Kia Rap Princess – #NoLimit (Album Review)

by Miracle

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“No Limit” (previous review)

After a long running campaign and complimentary movement, Kia Rap Princess officially added a new edition to her catalog with the release of her #NoLimit LP earlier this month. It’s a 17 track offering that includes the smash hit title single as well as other gems such as: “Number One,” “Work,” and “Yeen Gotta Get Naked.” There is a lone guest appearance from veteran emcee Gat Turner. And a bevy of producers round out the project including: 40Mil, Zaytoven, and USB Cartel just to name a few. Continue reading after the break to find out how The Illixer gels with the new LP from the princess of Rap.

“Number One”

The production here is smooth. 40Mil is the man behind the sound on this one. So that’s no surprise. The earthy foundation, debonair musical ingredients, mellow rhythm, and easy listening vibe make for a five star combination. The hook is a winner as well. The delivery is charismatic and the lyrics are super catchy. The verses are fresh. KRP utilizes a snazzy flow, trendy wordplay, and memorable rhymes. She does an excellent job of backing up her claim of being the top contender in the Hip-Hop game. A handful of notable lines are: “They say Kia where you get it? Cause your flow’s immaculate. I tell them I just ride the beat and then let 40 map it. We got ’em bobbing they head. And yeah they toes is tapping. Pray everyday for my foes cause I don’t wanna clap ’em. But yet the people like Kia you gone make it rapping. And as soon as God ready, he gone make it happen. I ain’t rushing a thing. I know my time’s coming.” Those are some novel bars right there. Overall, this is a dope selection and quite the treat to catch live as well.

“Yeen Gotta Get Naked”

This is the second buzz single to be officially released from the effort. The production here is quality and is handled by USB Cartel. The subdued bass, atmospheric background details, casual tempo, and favorable vibe mesh charmingly together. The hook is on point too. The delivery is clean and the lyrics are meaningful. The verses are good. KRP disperses a signature flow, thoughtful wordplay, and pointed rhymes. Her purpose with this record is to empower women from all walks of life. It is meant to reassure them that they don’t have to succumb to the sexual exploitation of society & the media in order to have value or be accepted. An excerpt from her anthem includes: “She on her bi like a boss. And you know she paid the cost. She riding foreign when she floss. Ain’t worried about a hater. Cause they ain’t never paid a bill. And she ride and keep it real. Give a damn how you feel. Little mama so trill. And you know you gotta respect it. Got them diamonds all in her necklace. And she ain’t have to get naked.” Those lines right there certainly paint a very vivid female image. As a whole, this is an honorable as well as purposeful number.

“What Love”

The production here is likable. Marxmill is the source behind the boards on this cut. The instrument driven structure, spirited secondary elements, middling groove, and breezy vibe fit together like a hand in glove. The hook is extremely entertaining. The delivery is animated and the lyrics are colorful. The verses are interesting. KRP presents a characterful flow, quick-witted wordplay, and telling rhymes. She takes the listener through a troubled romantic relationship in an innovative conversational style. The trouble seems to stem largely from outside influences. A highlight from her ordeal is as follows: “Man, damn I swear this b—h is nosy. Either bored or she lonely. Either way she don’t know me. Said you want it all. If it’s real, you gotta show me. I don’t mind but baby low-key, all this bulls–t starting to blow me. It’s the same old tune. But today it’s a new song. Heard you say you sick and tired. Well baby just move on. You said you won’t be taking this s–t for too long. Well is that where we at? Or I’m getting the mood wrong?” One can definitely feel KRP’s frustrations through those words right there. All in all, this is a fly record as well as a site favorite.

**My Two Cents: The #NoLimit LP is a good look for Kia Rap Princess. She experiments a lot with her sounds. So the tracks are versatile and stand out from one to the next. She supplies adequate content that pairs up just right with the aforementioned beats. And she doesn’t overcrowd the project with a lot of guest appearances. This is certainly one of her more shining works to date. I am really impressed by her efforts to step outside of the box and switch things up. I think her supporters will be pleasantly surprised too. Everyone needs to check out the collective in it’s entirety asap. -MinM

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