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Kia Rap Princess – “No Limit” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

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“No Limit” (iTunes)

If one follows Kia Rap Princess in any capacity on any of her social media sites, then they are hip to her new #NoLimit movement. It was inspired by her single & video of the same name. Basically, she’s on a mission to prove that there is nothing that can stop someone from fulfilling their dreams if they truly want it bad enough. She’s always based her brand on breaking the mold, versatility, and ambitiousness. Now she’s ready to kick things up a notch.

The song itself was produced by equally popular Milwaukee name, 40Mil. He did a fierce job. The dense foundation, climactic background elements, contagious rhythm, and strict vibe make for a high-class combination. The hook is clutch too. The delivery has an elfin air about it and the lyrics are pristine. The verses are opulent. Kia Rap Princess utilizes a red-hot flow, assertive wordplay, and nonpareil rhymes. She truly embodies the spirit of an individual who is not stopping for any reason until she gets what she’s after. A handful of noteworthy lines include: “Okay I’m too me. That’s K-R-P. And I don’t know about you but every day I be plotting on a way to make a dollar sign. So if it ain’t about that, make yo way round me. Lame a** n—as can’t hang round me. Too grown for the games. Don’t play round me. Kia you next, that’s on the real! And that’s the last thing I heard a n—a say about me.” Those bars sum up what Kia is all about immaculately. As a whole, this song is a certified chart topper.

The video for the song was a joint effort between 40Mil and BTS Media. The flick is one of Kia’s most successful to date, racking up over 40,000 YouTube views and counting. It opens with Kia & 40 going to visit a record label executive played by local artist Cotton Mouf. The meeting quickly goes sideways as it becomes painfully obvious that the exec is bad news. Tired of dealing with shady music industry types, Kia and her crew decide to teach the exec a lesson. They snatch him up and bring him to an abandoned warehouse. They jostle him around a bit before ultimately leaving him bound to a chair in one of the warehouse rooms. Once they feel like they have gotten their point across, the gang takes off seemingly leaving the exec to fend for himself. But upon reaching Kia’s truck, 40 reveals a bit of a surprise that he had up his sleeve. Readers will have to watch to find out what it is. In addition to the comedic storyline there are: solo shots of Kia turning up, a couple of tough guy clips of 40, glimpses of dancing vixens, snippets of the exec busting a few moves as well, and some snazzy special effects. All in all, it’s a radiant offering.

**My Two Cents: Kia definitely picked a great song/video to develop a campaign behind. Both are of an elite quality and have earned her a lot of positive acclaim. Additionally, the purpose behind her new movement is one that a lot of people will be able to get on board with as the world is full of dream-chasers and free-spirits. She has plans to take her venture on the road next year with a small tour and is cooking up some merchandise ideas too. But she can’t do it alone. So if you would like to help by way of sponsorship or donations please hit up her management team at blaqliztmusicent@gmail.com. If you are interested in seeing the princess in your area, shoot a message over to her booking agent at BookKiaRapPrincess@gmail.com. If all of that wasn’t enough, she is working on some new music too. So be sure to keep an ear out. -MinM

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