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Meet Northern California rapper J.Lately. He is coming to the site with a new music video for his emotionally driven track, “All About You,” off his recently released album, Let’s Just Be Friends. The song features vocalist Della over an Oops production. The video directed by Andrew Elsayid finds Lately and Della standing together in the rain as they go through the common occurrence of still having strong feelings for someone who you are no longer in a relationship with.

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A promising way to kick off a new year in cinema would seemingly be with the third installment of the popular Thriller based franchise, Taken. Taken 3 hit theaters yesterday (1/9/15) with the tagline indicating that it may be the last film of the series. This time around Liam Neeson gets the raw end of the deal when he is framed for the tragic murder of his ex-wife. He uses his aptitude for justice to hunt down her killers and protect his daughter. So it appears to have all the dramatics that fans have come to expect from the brand. The Movie Council decided to go check it out for themselves and then of course they put together a thorough yet blunt review of the motion picture. One may be taken aback at their reaction. Peep it after the break.