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J.Lately – “All About You” (Video)

by Pooh Bailey

jlately_LJBF_front(Photo By The Unusual Suspects Company)

Meet Northern California rapper J.Lately. He is coming to the site with a new music video for his emotionally driven track, “All About You,” off his recently released album, Let’s Just Be Friends. The song features vocalist Della over an Oops production. The video directed by Andrew Elsayid finds Lately and Della standing together in the rain as they go through the common occurrence of still having strong feelings for someone who you are no longer in a relationship with.

First and foremost, this video puts me in the mind-frame of serial killers moonlighting as R&B singers or artists. I understand the concept but something tells me I should have Liam Neeson watching this video with me, just in case. Despite the ‘kidnappers need love too’ style of the video, it’s a really cool song. The Oops production is simple and it should be. J.Lately’s rhymes on here are similar to that of Eminem, when Em remembers to take his Lexapro. Honestly, Della wasn’t needed. This song would be really great without a vocalist. I’ll probably give this song a few spins (not the video). This track really has me curious about Let’s Just Be Friends (see above). Maybe just maybe, J.Lately makes really dope music but we might not notice due to the creepy videos. -Pooh Bailey

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