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Sisterhood Of Hip Hop: Season 1, Episode 7: “Momma Drama” (Recap)

by Miracle

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“Momma Drama” (watch here)

Sisterhood Of Hip Hop kicked off this week with the conclusion of Nyemiah Supreme‘s meeting with her manager Alex. Alex gives her the info on a celebrity acting coach that should be able to help her tap into her problems. Nyemiah doesn’t seemed too thrilled about it. But it’s her only option if she wants to keep Alex on her team. Brianna Perry on the other hand is having a much better time. She’s playing her new record for heavy hitters: E Class, Fat Joe, and Rick Ross. The trio have all been around Brianna since she was younger and so she values their input. They love her single and offer her a few jewels for her career. Most of which is revolves around the fact that her mother is her manager. After which, she doesn’t have the heart to tell her mentors that she fired her mother and is now managing herself.

Nyemiah runs the idea of visiting the acting coach past her cousin, who agrees with Alex that it’s a good plan. Nyemiah decides to go ahead and take the plunge and has her first session with the well respected Susan Batson. The two conclude that Nyemiah has sensitivity and emotional issues that stem from her childhood. Her mother was one of those no emotions allowed types and it ultimately left a scar on the rap diva. The solution to the problem is Nyemiah sitting down with her mom and putting it all on the table. Not an easy task at all but Nyemiah agrees to give it a shot. Bia is also having a pretty stellar week. Her lawyer stops by the studio to inform her and Fam that she has not one but two label offers on the table. After all of the work he’s put in, Pharrell of course wants her to sign with Columbia. But she also has a contact that wants her to join him at RCA. Her dilemma is that Columbia wants her to undergo more development before they start investing in releases and such. RCA on the other hand wants to hit the ground running. It’s a big decision to make.

Brianna Perry’s joy is short lived. She has her first major video shoot without her mom and she becomes extremely overwhelmed. She’s used to just sitting pretty and performing for the camera. Now she has to handle costumes, make-up, and any other business at hand in addition to being the star. She survives the shoot but has decided that self management is not for her. The video was for her single “I’m That B.I.T.C.H” and it can be viewed at the end of the recap. Nyemiah has her dreaded sit down with her mother and explains to her what’s been going on and how she feels her mother played a role in it all. The conversation goes a little sideways at first. But eventually Nyemiah’s mother admits her mistakes, apologizes, and the two reconcile. Nyemiah’s efforts to turn things around seem to be making a world of difference. Good for her.

Bia meets up with Siya to go shopping at the Billionaire Boys Club and discuss her label ordeal. Siya seems genuinely happy for her and suggests that she be sure to take into account the creative control and financial aspects of each offer. Brianna Perry meets with her friend Ricky to discuss her own dilemma. She tells him about her video shoot struggles and admits that she regrets firing her mom. She also reveals that she’s been attempting to reach out to her and talk but hasn’t had any lucky getting a response back. Bia finally reveals which company she’s decided to sign with. She and Fam walk happily into RCA and seal the deal. Their desire to move on things right away is ultimately what won her over. She celebrates with the staff and looks forward to the next phase of her career. Nyemiah meets with Alex and catches her up on all of the progress that she’s been making. Alex seems satisfied with everything and the two are back on track. They even come up with the idea for the ladies to do one big showcase together to show their unity and cement their bond. It’s a dope plan but will everyone be on board? Brianna finally catches up with her mom KiKi. The two discuss their situation and both agree that they have some things to work on. Additionally, KiKi agrees to return to her position as manager much to Brianna’s relief. Seems like all is right once again in the world of Ms. Perry.

Nyemiah calls all of the ladies together to catch them up on her new changes as well as present the show idea to them. They all can see the reformed version of her and shower her with props. Then the show idea comes up and things get a little awkward. Brianna and Siya are all on board. Bia couldn’t make the meeting but no one sees her having any issues with the event. But there is always that one difficult person in every group and in this case, you guessed it, it’s Diamond. She says she doesn’t know if she can participate because her live show is on a different caliber than the others. Girl please, have several seats. Whoever is pumping up this chick’s purple weaved dome needs to quit it. Ain’t nobody checking for her like that, smh.

Well that ending lead into an exciting preview for next week. Next week’s episode also marks the season finale :(. Brianna Perry graduates from college. Ja Rule and Eve make cameo appearances. Diamond works on a song full of shade. The ladies have their big showcase. And Siya & Renaye have their biggest blowout yet. Should be a captivating episode. I will definitely be glued to my television screen to watch it all go down next Tuesday night. -MinM

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