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Khalil is a Brooklyn talent who was referred to the site by our friends over at the Divine Atoms collective. He specializes in Neo -Soul and Hip-Hop. He has garnered comparisons to everyone from Andre 3000 to Frank Ocean to D’Angelo. At the moment, he is circulating various tunes in the hopes of expanding his fan base and media network. He has a full length project in the works for a Summer release and wants as many people to experience it as possible. He shared two tracks with The Illixer: “Surface” and “Buddy (So Fly).” This review will take a look at the latter.

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“Momma Drama” (watch here)

Sisterhood Of Hip Hop kicked off this week with the conclusion of Nyemiah Supreme‘s meeting with her manager Alex. Alex gives her the info on a celebrity acting coach that should be able to help her tap into her problems. Nyemiah doesn’t seemed too thrilled about it. But it’s her only option if she wants to keep Alex on her team. Brianna Perry on the other hand is having a much better time. She’s playing her new record for heavy hitters: E Class, Fat Joe, and Rick Ross. The trio have all been around Brianna since she was younger and so she values their input. They love her single and offer her a few jewels for her career. Most of which is revolves around the fact that her mother is her manager. After which, she doesn’t have the heart to tell her mentors that she fired her mother and is now managing herself.

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Kaylee Crossfire is a multi-talented individual making a strong name for herself here in Milwaukee. She’s a writer, singer, rapper, and model. On top of all of that she takes on more common roles too, like being a mom. So one could say she pretty much does it all. She’s known not only for her beauty but her bold high energy style. Which anyone who has had the honor of seeing her perform live has gotten the chance to experience first hand. Currently, she has a self-titled mixtape that showcases her putting her own original twists on some industry favorites. Get the rundown on a few of the more standout remixes after the break.

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Remember the old school television show Hollywood Squares? It was a television game show that ran off and on from 1966 – 2004. The basis of the show pitted two contestants against each other in a game of tic-tac-toe for cash and prizes. The show featured a 3D version of the tic-tac-toe grid that contained a group of celebrities. The celebrities would be asked a variety of questions and then the contestants would have to guess if the star was right or wrong. The show was semi-scripted as sometimes the stars were given a little help with fake answers to the questions but otherwise everything was original. The show was also known for the comedic elements laced throughout the exchanges between the host, contestants, and stars.