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MTV 2 Presents: Hip-Hop Squares

by Miracle

(Photo By GetGlue.Com)

Remember the old school television show Hollywood Squares? It was a television game show that ran off and on from 1966 – 2004. The basis of the show pitted two contestants against each other in a game of tic-tac-toe for cash and prizes. The show featured a 3D version of the tic-tac-toe grid that contained a group of celebrities. The celebrities would be asked a variety of questions and then the contestants would have to guess if the star was right or wrong. The show was semi-scripted as sometimes the stars were given a little help with fake answers to the questions but otherwise everything was original. The show was also known for the comedic elements laced throughout the exchanges between the host, contestants, and stars.

Last week, MTV 2 brought the game show back with a Hip-Hop twist. Thus the name Hip-Hop Squares was born. The tic-tac-toe concept and the way the game is played remain the same. However, the celebrities in the squares are all Hip-Hop and Pop Culture figures. Also, a majority of the questions are entertainment related. The witty banter is still included as well and the show runs for about 20 minutes. The show debuted on the 22nd. Infamous radio show persona Peter Rosenberg serves as the show’s host. The first round of celebrities featured  the likes of: Mac Miller, Machine Gun Kelly, Fat Joe, Tech N9ne, DJ Khaled, Donnell Rawlings, Kat Graham, Ghostface Killah, and Childish Gambino. MGK and Mac Miller were the most selected participants, even though MGK’s mind was obviously somewhere else. The contestants were a young male and female who were both college students. The game lasted about three rounds. The female contestant was the winner, though she didn’t leave with the grand prize. She did manage to walk away with about $1,700 which is not too shabby. The debut episode got some decent feedback despite fans wanting to see their individual favorites utilized more. Hip-Hop Squares is slated to run Tuesdays at 11/10pm central standard time. Upcoming celebrity participants include a wide range of names from veteran female rapper/radio star Angie Martinez to reality television heart throb/actor Vinny Guadagnino. For more info on the remixed game show, readers can check out the provided link. And the debut episode can be seen below.


**My Two Cents: I used to be a major fan of Hollywood Squares during the last years that it aired. So I was very excited to see it come back with a Hip-Hop theme. I liked the debut episode. The jokes were a little weak and MGK was a hot mess but it worked. I don’t dig all of the Hip-Hop outsiders though. I think there are enough rappers in the industry who would have been willing to participate and make the show purely Hip-Hop. But that’s no big deal. I think fans of the genre should watch the show at least once. If nothing else it’s good for a little amusement. -MinM

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