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Kaylee Crossfire – Kaylee Crossfire (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Kaylee Crossfire is a multi-talented individual making a strong name for herself here in Milwaukee. She’s a writer, singer, rapper, and model. On top of all of that she takes on more common roles too, like being a mom. So one could say she pretty much does it all. She’s known not only for her beauty but her bold high energy style. Which anyone who has had the honor of seeing her perform live has gotten the chance to experience first hand. Currently, she has a self-titled mixtape that showcases her putting her own original twists on some industry favorites. Get the rundown on a few of the more standout remixes after the break.

“Watch You”

This track is a remake of “Another Round” by  long term rapper Fat Joe and controversial R&B singer Chris Brown. For the original version of the song, the duo spend time sweet talking and fantasizing about an irresistible female that they just have to have. It’s a very grown and sexy number with Chris Brown’s contributions really driving things home. Kaylee maintained the grown and sexy element for her version of the song too. In a sense, one could say that she takes on the role of the desired female in the original song as she divulges to her man how she wants him to please her while she watches. She lends smooth sultry vocals to the track and quality straightforward lyrics. A few lines worth mentioning include: “Tell me who to blame for this? Who to hold accountable? Cause there had to be some teaching involved in this. That got you so incredible. Doesn’t matter anyways. Keep doing it to me. Don’t penetrate. But its okay if tonight I watch you babe.” Very alluring lyrics right there. Overall, this was an excellent remake and a compelling example of Kaylee’s vocal prowess.

“Pretty Chick”

This song is a play on “Rack City” by Young Money artist Tyga. The original was a huge club anthem all about having money and living it up. Kaylee’s version serves as an anthem as well. Her anthem is a celebration of her looks. She goes off from start to finish with a brazen flow, sassy wordplay, and confident rhymes. She lets whoever is listening in on the fact that she’s aware of attractiveness and she knows how to use it to her benefit. She spits: “Don’t you wanna meet her? Little ole tight wife beater. With some skin tight jeans and some pumps so high. Make the boys drool when I walk by. Yup! Gone pay for my airfare. So first class when I fly any where. Landed down right in ATL. Call up my sis, let her know that I’m in here. Strut like I’m on a runway. Like it’s fashion week. Eyes on me.” Miss Crossfire exposes her boss status in those bars. All in all, this was another dope offering and an impressive sample of Kaylee’s skills as an emcee.


This record is a rendition of “Cake” by troubled R&B singer Rihanna and her off / on again love interest Chris Brown. The original version is a scandalous number about the two lovers sexual exploits. Kaylee took the single in an entirely different direction for her version. She decided to create a cautionary memo for all of the fake people out there. Specifically those of the female population. She once again flexes her harmonies as she discusses her feelings about phoniness in a tone that’s all business coupled with brutally honest lyrics. She dishes: “Oooh I hate a phony broad. Smile in ya face then talk behind ya back b–ches. Then what I hate most of all, is when they act like they never even said s–t. Fake (repeats). Oooh you so childish. I won’t allow this. If you can’t stay real then stay the f–k from round me.” Apparently, Kaylee is not one to bite her tongue or sugar code things. She definitely didn’t hold back in that excerpt. In the end, this was a solid effort and a fine indication of Kaylee’s creativity.

**My Two Cents: I dig Kaylee and her music. She has a very outgoing style and I like the fact that she dabbles in both rapping and singing. It’s always good for an artist to bring a variety of things to the table. Word is that she is prepping her debut album. She rocked this mixtape for sure but I am very interested in hearing what she can do with all original material. Readers can listen to the reviewed songs and more via Kaylee’s YouTube channel. They can keep up with the diverse vixen via Twitter. -MinM