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Partee F/ Eddie Kane Jr – “Voices”

by Miracle

Partee - Voices (Cover) (350x350)“Voices” F/ Eddie Kane Jr. (preview)

Co-CEO and artist of Wyte Music Records, Partee is gearing up to drop a brand new project. It will be a mixtape titled, Money Ball. To facilitate a buzz for the upcoming tape, he is pushing two singles with fellow artist Eddie Kane Jr. The first is a track called “Voices.” The track opens with a brief skit of sorts. From there, the production comes in full force. The production here is excellent. It entails a weighted bass, a prominent knock, harsh background elements, and a hood vibe. The hook is exceptional. Eddie Kane Jr. provides an one of a kind delivery and super fetching lyrics. Lines like: “The voices in my head won’t seem to go away. They tell me get this money every mothaf–king day. I have no other choice but to listen and obey. Ain’t got no time to play. B–ch I’m all about my pay;” just can not be denied.

The verses are copacetic. Partee serves up a distinguishable flow, complimentary wordplay, and street savvy rhymes. He fashions the perfect money anthem by discussing his paper earning: strategy, attitude, and more. For example he spits: “Ain’t talking about yo spot if it ain’t at the very top. These n—as fly by night. Wanna go to war but they money ain’t right. W-M-R bomb on site. Move in the night like in daylight. Ya girl a fan. I’m who she like. So deal with it. It’s true, she know what money look like.” Those are some slick bars right there. Overall, this was a hot track.

**My Two Cents: This was a dope track for Partee to kick off his promo venture with. The beat is insane and the content is grade A quality. It definitely sets the anticipation pretty high for the upcoming mixtape. Stay tuned for the second single from Partee and Eddie Kane Jr. Also, be sure to hit Partee with a follow on Twitter. -MinM

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