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HelioS – The Frost (EP Review)

by Miracle

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The Frost (listen/download)

Unconventional artist HelioS ended 2012 by releasing the next part of his story via an EP titled, The Frost. The project picks up right from where sEMESTER UnO: Shards leaves off. More specifically, it takes listeners on the journey that HelioS experienced during winter break and the holidays. He opened up about the EP and had this to say: “The Frost EP is the direct, negative results of my incessant pursuit of these dreams. I fear that as long as I struggle against my reality, I will leave behind friends, family… Love. I produced all the songs on this EP. I sang the verses, rapped them and of course, I wrote them as well. Mixed it, made the artwork and all that other stuff that is impressive to read. Lol. I really do do it all. The events I chose to record on The Frost EP happened exactly a year ago in Winter stricken New Jersey. I’m back here but it still hurts. There are certain songs I still can’t listen to on this EP. I’ll let you figure out which ones they are. I hope you enjoy this project.” So what is it that tainted every college student’s favorite time of year for HelioS? Continue reading after the jump to find out.

The story begins with a brief foreboding intro titled “Ascent 1.” HelioS describes a time of extreme struggling, pain, and loss. He puts forth disturbing images like that of: a mother crying, a family being without sustenance, etc. Coupled with the harrowing background vocals it makes for a very attention grabbing way to kick off the album. From there, the first full track of the project comes in. The song is called “Silent Night” and it served as the promo single for the EP.  “Silent Night” is also an ode of sorts to HelioS’s sister. The tune is a bittersweet tale of HelioS and his sister spending the holidays together in an empty house. It is a piano based offering and features HelioS flexing his vocal abilities. He does a pretty solid job too. Once again, he gave great details that allowed the listener to see the situation as he shared it. All in all, it is a quality track and was a fitting option to help generate buzz for the EP. As The Frost continues on, HelioS discusses some heavy topics like family turmoil over his rap career and feeling the absence of his parents. The tale concludes with an outro dubbed “Ascent 2.” It is narrative in which HelioS finally achieves some sort of victory in the midst of all the negativity and suffering only to be reminded once again that he is alone. It is a very stirring end to the short story that is The Frost. As a bonus item, HelioS included a sick collection of mainstream music and media clips coined, “2011​ 2 Legit 2 Quit.” The collection entails everything from a snippet of “Black & Yellow” by Wiz Khalifa to a radio interview with T.I. before one of his trips back to jail. The collection ends with a few last words from HeliosS himself. The final sound is that of an airplane, seemingly symbolizing that it is time to move on to the next chapter.

**My Two Cents: The Frost EP is a one of a kind project, no question. The production is respectable and provides a suitable soundtrack. The content is the selling point though. The personal and emotional aspects of the storyline are gripping. It’s the kind of account that touches one’s heart and leaves them hoping for a happy ending. The Frost may not be for everybody but readers should at least give it one listen all the way through. HelioS can be located at the following sites: Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. -MinM