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Illuminati Roundtable: Why So Angry, Keyshia Cole & K. Michelle?

by Pooh Bailey

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“I ain’t have no daddy around when I was growing up. That’s why I’m wild and I don’t give a huh.” Touché Teairra Mari. Maybe that would explain why these two grown adults, Keyshia Cole and K. Michelle, are acting like habitual hood-rats. Yes, habitual hood-rats. I would’ve given them their own post but come on. Really? So back to the habitual hood-rats. Why?

Lets start with Keyshia Cole. Lately things haven’t been going in Keyshia’s favor: divorce, bad single choices, and The Beyhive. But things got worse, when this past Friday, Keyshia was arrested for assaulting a woman in Birdman’s condo. A woman, who Keyshia believed, was sleeping with her rumored boyfriend, Birdman. Excuse me as I hurl. Keylolo, No. Girl, no. Over Birdman? Really? Look Keyshia, I know you just want to be loved, but honey you going at it all wrong. You keep picking the same type of guy (excluding Boobie because he was a keeper). I would tell you to pick a different type of guy but first you need to work on you.

Now Keyshia’s counterpart, K. Michelle, is doing no better. Every week she’s in a new beef: Tamar Braxton, Elle Varner, Toya Wright. And lately Soulja Boy. Hey Kimberly, why so angry? That ‘always in a beef’ attitude is the reason why nobody on both of the Love and Hip-Hop series she appeared on, didn’t hang with her. She seems to make a mountain out of a molehill. I mean her beef with Elle started when Elle took a picture with Kimberly’s ex, Meek Mill. Her current beef with Soulja Boy started off with her replying to something he never said. It’s like she just wants to be angry. She seems like the type to wake up and start gang-banging over breakfast. She just wakes up angry.

Keyshia Cole and K. Michelle both have the same problem. The problem is that it is always someone else’s fault and not theirs. Keyshia falls in love quickly (remember when she proposed to Jeezy). And that’s not a good thing when you have terrible trust issues. So in Keyshia’s mind, she was all in love but her relationships ended because her exes would do X, Y, Z. It’s always their fault. Now K. Michelle’s defense is always ‘they started it.’ Or my favorite ‘I was too loyal/real for them.’ It was never ‘I reacted without thinking it through.’ Or simply ‘I overreacted.’ Nope. It’s somebody else’s fault. These two grown women need to stop and look in the mirror. It can’t be somebody else’s fault all of the time. You have to take some of the blame. You have to figure out why all of your situations end the same way. Because honestly, the public is so over these hood-rat antics. Nobody is trying to take you seriously, if you can’t act like you know how to fill out a W-4. You got to start solving problems like Oprah and less like Regina George. What did Prince Nelson say, oh yeah: “Act your age, not your shoe size.” Start acting like you’re somebody’s parent because you are. But let me stop because it’s my fault for writing this and blaming these two. Oh well. But remember at the end of the day, Tupac cares because we surely don’t. -Pooh Bailey

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