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Token – “Talk To You” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

HKOdpVJ(Photo By Producers United)

Young rising Boston talent Token recently released his official debut music video earlier this month. It’s for a significant record called “Talk To You.” The song is set to a finespun production. The solid foundation, atmospheric supporting details, measured tempo, and natural vibe result in a flattering combination. The hook is excellent. The delivery is refreshing and the lyrics are genuine. The verses are enriching. Token issues out an ardent flow, direct wordplay, and caring rhymes. He uses his own fondness for a girl that has caught his eye online to convey the message to young girls and women that they don’t have to sexually exploit themselves, particularly on social media, in order to receive love and attention. Despite the fact that sex is a selling point in society and celebrity nudes are all the rage in the mainstream world. He executes this message perfectly by delving deep into the mechanics behind the unfortunate trend. Overall, this is an extremely riveting and meaningful track.

The video for this single was done jointly by Token and his fellow classmate Blake Z. Larson. It’s shot in a combination of color and black & white. The premise for the visual centers around a young girl who pretty much embodies the persona from the song. She spends lots of time frolicking in the mirror, lost in her cell phone, and so on. Additionally, she has some emotional moments while in her room alone that hints to some underlying issues going on. While her story plays out, Token is shown in the booth and in a few candid solo shots. His shining moment though is when he appears in the room with the young lady he’s trying to reach as her indirect conscience of sorts. It gives off a stirring sentiment. The flick winds down with Token walking away from the mic and a couple of end credits. All in all, this is a very compatible vision.

**My Two Cents: I sincerely enjoyed both this song and video. I think a song/video with this type of message coming from a young male is a big deal. Token is right in that age group that is obsessed with social media, image, celebrities, etc. And it’s not easy to take a stand that may be opposing to one’s peers. Also, it speaks volumes to his maturity level. Cause let’s face it, teen guys aren’t exactly known for being uplifting, conscious, positive, etc. So it’s a good look. The video turned out superbly too. The concept plays right into the theme of the selection. Props to everyone involved with the visual. I think this is Token’s best work to date. Readers need to check it out for sure. -MinM

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