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BlaccOut Garrison – “Mistakes”

by Miracle

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Minnesota artist BlaccOut (Balance Life And Continue Climbing Out) Garrison took a bit of a hiatus from music several months ago to work on improving some areas of his life. He recently decided to conclude his time away and released a new single that chronicles what he was going through prior to as well as during his break. The song is entitled “Mistakes” and it was produced by Krucial Clint.
The production here is attractive. The rich base, trendy background elements, mid-tempo pace, and complimentary vibe fit effortlessly together. The hook is winning. The delivery is slick and the lyrics are forward. The verses are suitable. BlaccOut Garrison presents a distinct flow, honest wordplay, and heartfelt rhymes. He speaks freely to the listener about his wide range of frustrations, which happen to stem from both his personal and career situations. An excerpt from his plight includes: “I’m putting down the weed. That s–t couldn’t help me cope. I was just a lost soul that was searching for some guidance. Got caught up in the following. I advise you not to try it. I’m humble, bars made of gold. (…) It’s all about the growth and the progression. How am I supposed to grow if I’m always coming up second? I just want the blessings. Sat down through many lectures. Fighting my own demons. I just wanted to be accepted.” Those are some weighted bars right there. As a whole, this was a very compelling record.
**My Two Cents: This was a dope comeback effort. I seriously dig the production and the subject matter is easy to relate to. Amongst other things, BlaccOut Garrison wanted to improve on his music while he was gone. And I think he did just that. His lyrics were very well constructed. I definitely noticed a difference from his submissions earlier in the year. Looking forward to hearing what else he has in store for the future. On behalf of The Illixer, welcome back BlaccOut Garrison! Keep up the advancement. -MinM

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