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Blunder – “Reservations”

by Miracle

artworks-000090447347-5m0hvf-t500x500(Photo By Harry Foreman)

Readers were introduced to Blunder (Audible Hustle Entertainment) a couple of month’s back. The New York talent is preparing to release a new EP and is currently circulating the project’s title track. The song is coined “Reservations.” It was produced by Dream Koala with engineering by Kyle Woodworth.
The production here is soothing. The docile foundation, eclectic floating supporting details, passive tempo, and meditative vibe blend delightfully together. The hook is only utilized once but it’s of a becoming quality. The delivery has a slight harmony to it and the lyrics are self-explanatory. The content is split into a verse and what is seemingly a break of sorts. Both are of a sterling nature. Blunder presents a natural flow, fetching wordplay, and stirring intimate rhymes. He lets the listener in on some of the dilemmas he faces in his personal as well as his musical life. A sprinkling of impressive lines from the break include: “Mind on the paper. Heart on the sleeve. Devil in my ear. My soul in between. I’m a worry about it later. Right now doing me. Cause everything I am is everything you need.” Simple and brief words right there but they give off a powerful sentiment. As a whole, this is an official title record.
**My Two Cents: This was a cool track. A little different from the last selection that we heard from Blunder. But variety is good. The production had an attractive offbeat appeal to it and the content was engaging. Blunder set a nice tone for the upcoming EP with this release. Looking forward to hearing more. Salute to AHE captain Rod McCoy for keeping us in the loop with his team. -MinM

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