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BlJiTc4(Photo By Producers United)

Boston artist Token decided to grace his supporters with a treat last week on Halloween (10/31). He released a new song & video simply entitled “Threat.” The song was produced by Jon Glass of Glasshouse Productions. It has received almost 1,500 plays in less than a week and the video is at almost 9,000 views. Those are some sweet numbers for such a short amount of time. Find out what’s so great about the two offerings after the break.

HKOdpVJ(Photo By Producers United)

Young rising Boston talent Token recently released his official debut music video earlier this month. It’s for a significant record called “Talk To You.” The song is set to a finespun production. The solid foundation, atmospheric supporting details, measured tempo, and natural vibe result in a flattering combination. The hook is excellent. The delivery is refreshing and the lyrics are genuine. The verses are enriching. Token issues out an ardent flow, direct wordplay, and caring rhymes. He uses his own fondness for a girl that has caught his eye online to convey the message to young girls and women that they don’t have to sexually exploit themselves, particularly on social media, in order to receive love and attention. Despite the fact that sex is a selling point in society and celebrity nudes are all the rage in the mainstream world. He executes this message perfectly by delving deep into the mechanics behind the unfortunate trend. Overall, this is an extremely riveting and meaningful track.