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Pizzle – Insomnia 2 (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

IMG_1731_zps83ce993fTracklist_zpscc604949 (Photos By Pizzle)

Insomnia 2 (listen/download)

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Pizzle‘s Insomnia 2 mixtape was one of the most anticipated projects from a local based artist in a long time. It was well worth the wait. It contains 19 total tracks, two of which are bonus items. It also has guest appearances by: Gerald Walker, Nu Money, Remedy Da Kure, and more. With production from: Cardo, Derelle Rideout, Loco Los, etc; the offering is definitely well equipped. Peep the break to find out what songs left a lasting impression on the site.

“Greatest Story”

This record was produced by Lil Quisee and Derelle Rideout. The production turned out well. It is comprised of: a full bass, climactic secondary components, and a relentless vibe. The hook is vigorous too. The delivery is impassioned and the lyrics are biting. The verses maintain the fierce nature of the track. Pizzle exhibits an adaptable flow, brass wordplay, and strong-willed rhymes. He shows off just how serious his ambition is when it comes to making something of his music career. A handful of lines worth rewinding are: “Got ’em saying that I don’t sound like I’m from the Mil. Well what the f–k do I sound like? These hating n—as so blatant with it. Man they ain’t repping my town right. And they say they can’t keep up with the flow that I got. I’m sorry I ain’t a dumb n—a. I’ll slow down if you want me to. I bet n—as still can’t f–k with him.” Those are some ill bars coming from Pizzle. Overall, this song is hot and an instant favorite.

“What They Call”

This cut was put together by Bizness Boi. The production here is first-string.  It encompasses: a slower pace, easy background elements, and a staid vibe. There is no traditional style hook used here. The song title is just indirectly used from time to time throughout the track. The verses are benign. Pizzle manifests an emotive flow, detailed wordplay, and narrative rhymes. He takes the listener through an all too familiar street tale of friendship and betrayal. What makes it so special is the fact that he provides both aspects of the situation. A few distinct lines include: “You trying to sneak out the game on n—as. You staying up out of the way so that if you get knocked, you can put the blame on n—as. I’m in this interrogation after picking it up from you. Cops don’t never search my whip. I think you got something to do with it. Cause n—a it was you that gave me a reason to be suspicious. Can’t believe when you got knocked you started snitching. You ain’t what I call a real n—a.” Very engaging scenario being discussed in those bars. All in all, this was a deep buzz worthy offering.

“Best Day” F/ Ashleyyy

This song features Derelle Rideout on the boards. The production is fair. The unorthodox foundation, uptempo rhythm, and energetic vibe mesh benevolently together. The hook is decent. The vocals have a pleasant harmony to them. The lyrics are to the point and relatable. The verses are tangible. Pizzle serves up an orderly flow that is occasionally laced with a bit of melody and revealing rhymes. He goes through the ups and downs of a former relationship that he is struggling to get over. He spits: “Went from saying s–t to breaking s–t. I love her to I hate this b–ch. Holding on cause we so deep. But can’t repair all of the mistakes we did. We fussing over nothing like why you hogging the cover. We used to handle s–t ourself and now you calling your brothers. Damn. But the day you left it hurt me to the core. Now I can’t wait for the day when I don’t love you no more.” Once again Pizzle provides another situation that listeners will be able to empathize with. In the end, this is a hit that is definitely worth lending an ear.

**My Two Cents: Insomnia 2 is a great piece of work. Pizzle gave a lot of different sides of himself as reflected in the highlighted songs. Also, he had a strong guest list and production team behind him. His old fans will be satisfied and his new fans will be solidified. As a whole, Insomnia 2 ranks a 4/5. The OSAT crew should be very proud. Once you have jammed out to the mixtape, venture over to Pizzle’s website for more with the emcee. -MinM

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