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Pizzle – “No Sleep” & “The Introduction” (Video)

by Miracle

artworks-000045624226-j4eiim-t500x500(Photo By Justin Lewis)

“No Sleep” (preview)

Rapper Pizzle is having so much fun building up the excitement for his upcoming project Insomnia 2, he decided to share another track. This track was produced by Deonte Hayes and includes artwork by Justin Lewis. It takes on a different tone then the previously leaked tracks. The production here is avant-garde. It is made up of a grounded bass, a passive tempo, and an obscure vibe. No hook is present on this record. The title is just mentioned on occasion towards the end. The content is promising. Pizzle brings a zealous flow, orthodox wordplay, and determined rhymes. He talks at length about defying the odds and being successful. A couple of worthwhile lines are: “Rap’s my b–ch. You my son. You got an Oedipus complex and it’s pissing you off. They thought when I didn’t make D-1, I wouldn’t succeed. I just jumped overseas and went straight to the league. Got it on my own like Oprah network. Now I’m just trying to make at least Oprah net-worth.” Those are some steadfast bars laced with sly word usage. Overall, this was an alluring cut.

In addition to all of the new music, Pizzle wanted to bestow a new visual upon his supporters as well. So he dropped a video for an offering titled “The Introduction.” The video was put together by Mark Gage of DADO. It is a foreboding themed flick with high quality effects that leave quite the mark on the viewer. Take a peek below.

**My Two Cents: This single was a different look from what I’ve heard from Pizzle thus far but it turned out pretty decent. The change in flow was cool and I was into the production as well. “The Introduction” video turned out excellent too. I loved everything about it. The theme represented the song flawlessly and the editing was amazing. Insomnia 2 hits the net on the 22nd. To catch it as soon as it’s available connect to Pizzle’s website and / or follow him on Twitter. -MinM

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