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Ron Slyda – “Come On” (Video)

by Miracle

slyda_1_bulbs_(Photo By Ron Slyda)

Miami rapper Ron Slyda has released a new video for his song “Come On.” As a reminder, the single will be featured on his upcoming project, Blue Summer: Recollections Of A Poetic Drunk. A review for the track can be found here. For the video concept, he took a very out of the box approach. Prepare for the unexpected and lay eyes on the flick after the break.

This video was put together by Young Wild Panda. The plot is described as: “a perfect tale of the persuasion & deception Ron faces in his day to day life through stop motion photography and video.” The opening scene entails artistically done credits and then gives way to Ron socializing with his crew around some railroad tracks. As they are hanging out, three different characters make an appearance. These characters are: a gold digger, a crooked cop, and a crackhead. The characters serve as symbols of the negative entities that Ron struggles with on a regular basis. For the second half of the video, Ron is shown in a dimly lit room surrounded by a variety of religious tokens. The lighting gives the scenario a dark aura. There are items such as: candles, angels, a melting pentagram, etc.  The unusual setup serves as another depiction of Ron’s good vs. evil battle with his conscience. The piece ends with more credits and a quick view of the cover art for Blue Summer: Recollections Of A Poetic Drunk. As a whole, this was an unorthodox yet visionary undertaking.

**My Two Cents: I was definitely surprised with the direction of this video. Ron and Panda definitely got very creative and it turned out awesome. I loved the symbolism and the conflict motif. The negative influences appearing in the daylight and the positive influences appearing in a more grim setting was a clever tactic. Out of the numerous videos I’ve posted lately, this one is one of my faves for sure. If readers enjoyed it as much as I did, they should hit Ron up on Twitter and let him know. -MinM

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