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Kingz Of The City – It’s A K.O.C. Life: Volume 1 (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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It’s A K.O.C. Life: Volume 1 (preview)

K.O.C. Introduction (profile / previous reviews)

Kingz Of The City took the Milwaukee music scene by storm in 2012 and they have been going hard ever since. At the top of this year they dropped their debut mixtape as a group. The tape is labeled It’s A K.O.C. Life: Volume 1. The project’s release was celebrated with a very eventful mixtape release party. It contains 16 total tracks and has received a lot of love from the city. Four tracks that appear on the tape were given an overview in the group’s premiere on the site. That post can be revisited via the above link. This review will focus on three additional tracks that won the site over. Continue reading to find out what those three tracks happen to be.

“KOC Project”

This track was selected due to the fact that it is an instant crowd pleaser at any live show where it has been performed. The group comes with such a high energy that it is hard to deny this record. The production here is gripping. The hardcore foundation, fierce secondary components, and harsh vibe all coexist favorably. The hook is catchy. The delivery is full of character and the lyrics are raw. The verses are esteemed. The flows are distinct, the wordplay is intriguing, and the rhymes are sufficient. The fellas go in and lay down the law. Member Mr. Flako 3D even broke out the Spanish bars for this one. A few lines worth retaining come courtesy of member Brew City King: “I’m killing everything on the scene. Know what I mean. If n—as got a problem with it. We can get to popping with it. Catch a couple shells. Yeah I’m quick to catch a homi(cide) with it. F–k the beef. Salami with it. All my crew Armani fitted.” Canny bars being spit right there. Overall, this song is a smash and was a smart way to begin the tape.


This track is one of the group’s more controversial singles. Claiming anything in the 414 can be a little risky. So doing a song about sets was a daring move. But the song is hot. The production here is severe. It contains a hefty bass, tense background elements, a level rhythm, and a vicious vibe. The hook is perfect. The delivery is compelling and the lyrics are gritty. The verses are on ten. The flows are relentless, the wordplay is innovative, and the rhymes are of grade A quality. The fellas penned a sure fire hood anthem while at the same time paying homage to those throughout the city that they respect. Peep as member Kewl spits: “You know I f–ks with Chase. But I bank at Wells Fargo. Money over everything. You know that be the s–t mane. Rest in peace my Uncle Alvin. Free my n—a Grit Man. Can’t forget about Mitch and ’em, Lil Gary Lo Lo. Much love The Illixer. Good looking on the promo.” Blazing bars within those lines and of course the love for the site is much appreciated. All in all, this is a hit and a favorite off of the tape.

“Party With The Devil”

The production here is of optimum quality. It entails: a sturdy core, demure supporting musical ingredients, and a zoned out vibe. The hook is decent. The delivery is impassioned and the lyrics are provocative. They paint a very striking picture: “We sleep with angels. Yet we party with the devils. Ain’t nothing new. We been doing this s–t forever. But we about to take it to another level.” One has to appreciate the strong aura that comes from those lines. The verses are authentic. The flows are engaging and the rhymes are favorable. The guys vent piercing thoughts to the listener, complimenting the mellow theme of the track well. Mr. Flako 3D discloses: “I’m looking at this life through an empty bottle. I dodge death. Yeah I fight the devil. I take the risks daily. Cause you don’t live forever. I watch my back. I’m God’s disciple. The haters want me dead. It’s a vicious cycle. K.O.C. kills it. I call it homicide. Cause we down to ride. We do it all the time.” Gripping bars coming from Flako right there. In then end, this is a grand effort and another favorite.

**My Two Cents: It’s A K.O.C. Life: Volume 1 gets a 4/5 rating. The production is on point and the content is first-string. All of the group members made excellent contributions and their differing styles / personalities really enriched the tape. They certainly made a mark as a crown worthy group. Readers are highly encouraged to hit up the provided link and have a listen. -MinM

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