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Tiki Da Poet – “Poetry Is” (Poem)

by Miracle

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This is the second recent solo piece that Tiki Da Poet submitted for the readers’ viewing pleasure. It’s called “Poetry Is” and gives insight into how Tiki views the literary form while serving as another tribute to her passion all at the same time. Be immersed in her love for the popular form of creative expression after the break.

“Poetry Is”

(Poem By Tiki Da Poet)

Poetry is love
Poetry is life
Poetry is mind
Poetry is heart
Poetry is soul
Poetry is spirit
I am in love with Poetry
Because Poetry is ME

Love … life … dreams … Poetry
Poetry is my love
Poetry is my life
Poetry is my mind
Poetry is my heart
Poetry is my soul
Poetry is my spirit
Poetry is my world
My past … my present … my future
Yes … I am in love with Poetry
So in love that I dedicate myself 2
Poetry is my life
Poetry is ME

This piece is simple in nature but it has a strong meaning behind it. The first half addresses poetry as it’s own being of sorts through the process of giving it human like attributes. Then in the second half, poetry transitions from a stand alone entity to making up Tiki’s entire personal and worldly essence. Thus the art becomes one with her. The symbolism and strong sentiment peppered throughout the work really adds to the magnetism of the poem. The bonding of Tiki and poetry as one in the same is very genuine. Overall, this was a plush read.

**My Two Cents: Tiki never disappoints. I thought this was an affable piece. I appreciate the fact that Tiki is so open and free about her attachment to poetry. It truly shows her devotion to the art and paints her in a more authentic light as a writer. One can tell she’s been into poetry for a long time and that she’s invested in it for nothing but good reasons. If readers are as much of a fan of Tiki’s work as I am, they can check her out on Facebook and Sound Cloud. -MinM

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