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gaVen heVy – “Crab Legs”

by Miracle

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“Crab Legs” (listen/download)

INeverRapped2BCool is a new movement under way in Brooklyn, New York courtesy of a lady by the name of Mz. Boom Bap (Facebook / Twitter) and her associates. She decided to give the site a glimpse of the movement by sharing music from one of it’s artists. That artist is young up-and-comer, gaVen heVy. gaVen is in his early twenties and is preparing to drop his debut EP. To promote the upcoming work, he is circulating a single dubbed “Crab Legs.” The song was produced by Jake One. The production here is tight. It contains a well-grounded foundation, a stylish rhythm, soulful background vocals, and a head nodding vibe. The hook is proper. The delivery is enticing and the lyrics are forthright. The verses are valuable. gaVen serves up a deep raspy flow, apt wordplay, and intricate rhymes. He conveys thought provoking ideas and let’s the listener in a bit on what he’s all about. Some lines worth taking a look at include: “There’s a reason that it seems that the system is corrupted. We the subject of the gutters. The discussion is abducted. Lovers turn into fighters. And fighters turn into killers. Roll the green up, blowing scrilla. In the jungle with gorillas. It only gets realer. Two options: get dealt or be the dealer.” Philosophical bars being dispersed right there. Overall, this was a great song and a nice first acquaintance with gaVen heVy.

**My Two Cents: I took to this song right away. The beat was superior and the content was first-rate. gaVen heVy definitely has something going for him within both his style and rhymes. This song served it’s purpose. I am curious to hear the EP when it drops to discover what else gaVen can do. Also, I love the name behind the movement that he is a apart of. Very cleverly titled. Much love to Brooklyn, INeverRapped2BCool, and Mz. Boom Bap for sharing with and supporting the site. -MinM

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