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Cyrano Sinatra – “We Came To Win” (Video)

by Miracle

Clipboard12(Photos By Cyrano Sinatra)

“We Came To Win” (listen/download)

Cyrano Sinatra is an emcee and activist from North Carolina. He came to the world of Hip-Hop in an unique fashion. Following a stint in the ministry of Christianity and the unfortunate loss of his father, Cyrano began to experience music in a much deeper way. Through this new perspective he discovered that he had some things to say and wrote his first song about fallen friends and family members. From there, he took the lessons he learned during his time in the pulpit and his fresh outlook on music and forged full speed ahead. Since that time he has gone on to appear on countless mixtapes & records, done his fair share of traveling, and worked with artists & producers from around the world. He also became a part of Free At Last Music Group and Backpackers Anonymous Music Group. The site discovered Cyrano via the Milwaukee stop of his current Stop The Violence Tour back in March. The venture is in association with the company that manages Cyrano, Eargasm Entertainment LLC. The tour is a response to the excess amount of violence that took place all over the globe last year and is still carrying on as we speak. Examples include: the elementary school shooting in Connecticut, the elementary school stabbings in China, the seemingly never ending murders in Chicago, etc. The purpose of the multi-city tour is: “to spread peace, love and understanding through music, while seeking to combat the violence in our communities,” (Facebook). The tour’s stop at local venue Stonefly with the 414’s own Lady Fusion of Urban Fusion made quite the impression. Readers can learn more about the tour by checking out the Facebook Page.

In addition to the tour, Cyrano is pushing a video for his single entitled “We Came To Win.” The track itself was produced by J. Slikk. The song has an old school style beat to it with an amiable vibe and probing content. The song will be featured on Cyrano’s upcoming EP, Freedom Ain’t Free. The video was handled by Fligee Video Production and includes sponsorship as well as representation of 3rd Verse Clothing. The flick takes a trip with Cyrano around the city as he does his thing. A couple of the sights include: a wooded area with a destroyed vehicle, an athletic field, a residential area sprinkled with a variety of activity, and more. The visuals conclude with Cyrano walking away from the previously mentioned field at night. All in all, this was a neat project. 


**My Two Cents: I had the pleasure of chopping it up with Cyrano Sinatra while he was here and he’s a cool dude. I have a lot of respect for what he represents and for the Stop The Violence Tour movement. I enjoyed the song / video and I think readers will too. So open up your mind and ears and click play. If readers would like to see / hear more of Cyrano they can find him on Facebook and Twitter. -MinM

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