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Introducing: Kingz Of The City aka K.O.C.

by Miracle

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Brew City King, Metro, & Mr. Flako 3D“Running This Town” (preview)

Kewl“All I Talk Is Money” (preview)

Brew City King“King Of My City” (preview)

Metro“Been Thru It All” (preview)

Kingz Of The City aka K.O.C. is a Milwaukee based Hip-Hop group that has been making a lot of noise in the scene since this past Summer. The group mainly consists of: Mr. Flako 3D, Kewl, Brew City King, and Metro but they have a lot of secondary members and affiliates. It should also be noted that only the group is new. The fellas themselves have a long standing history in the Rap game as solo artists. K.O.C. stands out from the crowd due to each member’s strong individuality and talent. Additionally, they play heavily on the multicultural aspect of their group which is not something that is done too often. So they are holding it down for the: Black, Brown, Spanish, and English speaking peeps. That’s a nice diverse fan base. The guys started out rocking shows but have recently started releasing music due to the high demand. After the break, check out a brief overview of a couple tracks from Milwaukee’s royal squad.

“Running This Town”

This song features members: Brew City King, Metro, & Mr. Flako 3D. It was produced by B.U. of BlackWorld Music Group. And the single serves as the debut release from the team. The production here is official. The full medium bass, trendy background sounds, and rugged vibe all mesh well together. The hook is solid. The delivery is practical and the lyrics are memorable. The verses are satisfying. Brew gets the ball rolling, Metro adds his two cents in the middle, and Flako takes it home. All three artists brought distinguished flows, ripe wordplay, and finely crafted rhymes. The trio successfully convey the message that they are serious fixtures in this city while demonstrating their lyrical competence at the same time.  Notable lines from Metro include: “I only chase a dollar. I never chase a b—ch. Cause if you get popped they the first to snitch. So learn the rules fool before you claim that you’s a G. I stack money by myself. The way it should be.” That’s some pretty slick spitting going on right there.  Overall, this was a strong introductory track.

“All I Talk Is Money”

This track is a solo offering from the freestyle professional of the group, Kewl. The production is up to par. It is a low key number with hefty components and a no non-sense vibe. The hook is bold. The delivery is intense. The lyrics are entertaining. The verses are adequate. Kewl dishes up an aggressive flow, frank wordplay, and noble rhymes. He paints a very clear picture of what he’s all about. Standout lines include: “Flashing money at you n—as. Get ya bands up. I swear this liquor got me tripping. Been grinding all day. B–ch I’m sandwich bag tipping. Kush blunts by the quarter ounce. Hot boy on fire. Dare you put me out. I’d love to see a mothaf—a try. But then again, I’d love to see a mothaf—a die!” Stern sentiments being put forth by Kewl in those lines. All in all, this was a gratifying sample of Kewl’s capabilities.

There are two other songs that K.O.C. has in circulation. One is called “King Of My City” by the punch line champ of the crew, Brew City King. It’s a mid-tempo number with engaging content. Brew brings a charismatic flow and skilled rhymes. He for sure proves that he has every right to carry such a regal title. A few favorite lines include: “Homie you ice cold. Me I’m more December cool. Bullets dislodge. Yes they will dismember you. You will never ever, ever be on my level fool. Ya face on a milk carton is all that I’ll remember you.” Clever material being served up by Brew. Good solo sample on his end too. And the last song from the camp is a solo joint by Metro titled, “Been Thru It All.” This is a slightly tamer track then the previous cuts. The production is subdued but still on point. Metro exhibits an unique delivery and real rhymes. He really opens up to the listener, sharing personal hardships/struggles that anybody can appreciate and/or relate to. As a whole, it’s a deep and insightful track.


**My Two Cents: I admire what the fellas of K.O.C. have going for them so far. The versatility within their group is going to give their music an edge and keep them just a few steps ahead of the competition. Also, they are excellent live performers. And they have a genuine love and respect for one another. If they retain those characteristics and continue to expand on their music, they have a long term position in this Hip-Hop game. -MinM

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