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Ron Slyda – “Come On”

by Miracle

Ron_Slyda_Final_Come_On (400x277)(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Come On” (listen/download)

Miami rapper Ron Slyda decided to share another single with the site off of his upcoming offering, Blue Summer: Recollections Of A Poetic Drunk. The track is called, “Come On.” The production here is poised. It enlists a sample of “Tell Me If You Still Care” by 70’s R&B act The S.O.S. Band. The debonair musical components, mid-tempo pace, and sophisticated vibe are intoxicating to the ear. The hook is certified. The delivery is fluent and the lyrics are well-grounded. The verses are fulfilling. Ron Slyda exhibits a flow laced with personality, moderate wordplay, and felicitous rhymes. He speaks on the up and down sides of experiencing success within his music career. Especially, when dealing with members of the female persuasion. A couple of lines worth quoting are: “In the locker room like damn he got to be in the game. Even though I’m dolo. Not in Louis but in Polo. Every n—a that I’m dapping mean I’m buzzing on the low low. Then they see me do a show yo. Hey that s–t just go bananas. Cause ain’t too many living what they spitting. And they swagger up.” Fly bars being served up right there. All in all, this track is another great look for Ron Slyda.

**My Two Cents: This track was a hit. The sample was perfectly utilized and I enjoyed the content of the record. Ron Slyda is setting the bar pretty high for Blue Summer: Recollections Of A Poetic Drunk. Looking forward to the project. Readers should give the single a spin for sure and then head on over to Twitter and hit Ron with a follow. -MinM

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