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Emmitt James F/ Man Mantis – “What Writers Do”

by Miracle

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“What Writers Do” F/ Man Mantis (listen/download)

Rapper / poet Emmitt James kicked off his birthday earlier this month by treating his supporters to a  unique new track. The song is dubbed, “What Writers Do.” The production here is off-kilter yet appealing. It contains a steady foundation, quirky background components, a middling pace, and a zealous vibe. The hook is arresting. The delivery is energetic and the lyrics are blunt. The verses are impactful. Emmitt displays a driven flow, smart wordplay, and distinct rhymes. Additionally, there is a break in between the verses that features a clip from James Baldwin‘s “Who Is The Nigger?” speech. Emmitt speaks emphatically about continuing to work hard to achieve new heights in the music game even though it’s not always easy and the lack of talent / motivation that he notices in other artists. He spits: “The problem ain’t knowing I’m a make it. It just ain’t hit the world. So it’s been a couple months since Pizzle been on the boards. Time is money. Of course I believe it. But it’s also of the essence. So I’m patient for a reason. Never get my heart broken. Failure got my soul bleeding. Try and touch the people like the pastor when he preaching.” Gotta respect the depth of those bars right there. Overall, this is an innovative offering and was a dope gift for Emmitt’s fans on his born day.

**My Two Cents: This was a cool record. I really enjoyed the inclusion of the James Baldwin clip. It was interesting and the idea to add it is one of the many things that sets Emmitt apart from other artists in the game. I have no doubts that he will make it either. Keep up with the ambitious talent on Facebook and Twitter. -MinM

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