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Pizzle – “Gold Mobb Anthem”

by Miracle

artworks-000045103274-jlgyet-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Gold Mobb Anthem” (preview)

The release date for rapper Pizzle‘s newest mixtape Insomnia 2 is fast approaching. In honor of the big day, the artist decided to personally leak a track. The song he selected is called “Gold Mobb Anthem” and it is not just any leak but serves as a nod to his new membership in the actual Gold Mobb group which already contains members Cardo and Gerald Walker. In keeping with the theme of the group, Cardo also produced the track. The production here is exceptional. It consists of: a reserved foundation, exotic musical components, and a distinct vibe. The hook is clever. The delivery is attention grabbing and the lyrics have a certain flair to them. There is only one lone verse. But it is sufficient enough to carry the song. Pizzle embodies his specialized flow, ornate wordplay, and deft rhymes. He represents for Gold Mobb with style and confidence. A couple of engaging lines are: “Looking at a n—a from the bottom. The real bottom of the pill bottle. Told my n—a that I gotta shoot a video to make it. And he came with the cam like Vado. Pen slick but the bars can’t buy those. Unless you talking about cutting advance. My n—as on the block cutting it up with them hands. And I’m trying to plan me a trip to Japan.” That opening shows off the creativity found within the bars pretty well. In the end, this is a prime leak and it for sure adds to the anticipation of the release of Insomnia 2. The tape drops on the 22nd via DJBooth.Net.

**My Two Cents: This was a likeable cut. Cardo really did his thing with the production. It had a very striking sound to it. And Pizzle held down the content too. I think it was a great way to celebrate the new membership. If readers would like to check out more with Pizzle, they can hit up his website. -MinM

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