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King Gamble – “Jump Freestyle”

by Miracle

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“Jump Freestyle” (preview)

This past Sunday (5/26), marked week two of King Gamble‘s previously mentioned Best Of 7 Series. Which means another new release. A discussion of the series and it’s first release can be found here. For the second selection, King Gamble decided to pay homage to 90’s duo Kris Kross. On the heels of member Chris Kelly passing away not too long ago, it seemed very appropriate to share with readers. It’s a very brief and to the point freestyle number. It’s set to the group’s smash single, “Jump” as indicated in the title. Gamble makes exemplary use of the original record. He fits right into the 90’s street groove as if he was the long lost third member. His flow is accelerated, his wordplay is refined, and his rhymes are on the money. The listener can tell he was in his zone as he rocked the mic. Overall, this was a prestigious freestyle. As an added bonus, peep the fellas of Kris Kross performing the original cut below.

**My Two Cents: I enjoyed this freestyle. I think King Gamble did a concrete job of showing love to the Hip-Hop twosome. To stay on top of the Best Of 7 Series or to just browse through Gamble’s catalog, hit him up on Sound Cloud. He also has a YouTube Channel available as well. Rest in peace to Chris Kelly! -MinM

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