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Pizzle & Gerald Walker – “Beautiful”

by Miracle

(Photo By Ivy Awino)

“Beautiful” (listen)

Milwaukee rapper Pizzle became a household name after teaming up with fellow rapper Proph for their infamous Green Bay Packers tribute, “Green & Yellow” back in 2011. He capitalized off of the buzz and has been moving full speed ahead with his solo career ever since. In fact, he is looking to drop a new EP in November called Depreciated Art. To kick off promo for the new project, Pizzle recently released the lead single. It is a collaborative effort with another Milwaukee great, Gerald Walker. The single is entitled “Beautiful” and it was produced by Derelle Rideout.

The production here is nice. It features a mid-tempo pace, a piano, and a down to earth tone. The hook is enchanting. The vocals create a well blended harmony. The lyrics are quality and genuine. The verses are interesting and a little unexpected when considering the song title and hook lyrics. Pizzle manages the beginning and end portions of the song. Gerald Walker holds it down during the middle portion. Each artist provides their own distinct flows, expressive wordplay, and gratifying rhymes. They both share engaging accounts of relationships gone awry. Observe as Pizzle spits: “And at times I’ve always seemed to get along. Until you started thinking hard. Now everything is all wrong like: why we don’t talk like we used to? And why you didn’t tell me that you went and bought new shoes? Why you didn’t text right back? Boy I know you with a b–ch. I’d do anything for you but you treat me like s–t n—a.” Seems like a hectic situation, huh? Gerald’s story isn’t too pretty either. Overall, this song is worth checking out. It was well put together and it is something that should resonate with anybody who is in or has been in a troubled relationship.

**My Two Cents: This was a cool track. I like the combination of Pizzle and Gerald Walker together. They vibe well. And the production was seriously on point too. Readers can keep up with Pizzle, get the latest on the upcoming EP, and more by following him on Twitter. -MinM

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