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Exclusive: Son Em’ All – The Hoodie Chronicles Volume 1 (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By BlackWorld Music Group)

“100” (Previous Review)

“On The Rise” (Previous Review)

The Hoodie Chronicles – Volume 1 (listen/download)

In less than a week, Milwaukee emcee Son Em’ All will be dropping his highly anticipated mixtape The Hoodie Chronicles – Volume 1. The tape features 14 brand new tracks, two of which have already been leaked to the site and are linked above in case readers missed them. The artwork was provided by RA and the tape was mastered by B.U., both are members of BlackWorld Music Group. The Illixer has been given the opportunity to present readers with an exclusive early critique of the mixtape. Get the scoop after the jump.

“Tune In”

The production here is of high quality.  It is made up of a level bass, a polished cadence, and a street tone. The hook is good. The delivery is lively. The lyrics are just the title of the song reiterated. The only thing keeping the hook from being perfect is the radio static sound effect. It clashes and really doesn’t add anything special. The verses are dope. Son brings his signature flow, cunning wordplay, and hood savvy rhymes. He definitely gives the listener a lot to “tune in” for as he bluntly speaks about the streets and his thoughts on the Hip-Hop scene. He declares: “It’s the Son’s season. I overshadow lames. While you fags in the closet playing shadow games. I’m my own clique. And I’m an a**hole. I was the f–ker in the front that crashed your last show. I see the snide comments but no Illixer beef. It’s five n—as here local I consider street. And I’m a keep ’em up under my Brewer fitted snug. Cause being nice don’t exempt you from getting slugs.” Son slayed with those lines right there. Overall, this song is a winner and a favorite. Raw commentary on the foolishness that goes on in the underground scene.

“Liquid” F/ B.U.

The production here is hot. It contains a mid-tempo pace, catchy musical ingredients, and a serious tone. The hook is interesting. The delivery is consistent with the beat and the lyrics are inventive. The verses are great. Son knocks out the first two verses and B.U. weighs in on the third. Both rappers present individualized flows, quick wordplay, and proper rhymes. They do an impressive job of illustrating their skills while also exposing bits of their personalities. Noteworthy lines from Son Em’ All include: “I ain’t tripping off the novelties I grew up broke. This a track for all the rappers that then blew up broke. And I am who I am. Not who I won’t be. And I’m cold and hot like some dry ice be. Take a listen I’m a deity among you fools. If I will it you ain’t seeing me til I want you. And I tried but my sixteens don’t play fair. You ain’t ready maybe next year like state fair.” There was some slick spitting going on in those lines. In the end, this song is another hit and the favorite collab track off of the tape.


The production here is choice. It is comprised of a low key core, fine background components, and a dramatic tone. The hook is deep. The delivery is easy going but the lyrics pack a strong meaning behind them. The verses are commendable. Son contributes a clear flow and satisfactory rhymes. He takes on the voice of those who can’t necessarily speak for themselves, as he shares the tales of acquaintances who got caught up in unfortunate situations. He reveals: “I did the only thing to do. He laid on down. My n—a supposed to been watching. But we both broke out. Caught the cab and then the cabbie acting like he need the dough first. My nerves was on edge. I seen blood. I think smoke first. Pushed him out the front. Wiped the car and disappeared. My n—a ran his mouth and he the reason why I’m here.” Very captivating story with precise details. All in all, this is a solid track. Not the best lyrically but the theme it conveys is worth hearing.

**My Two Cents: The Hoodie Chronicles – Volume 1 is a well put together project as a whole and ranks in the top for releases this Summer. B.U. did a proper job with the mastering. The sound quality is first-rate. Also, the producers outside of B.U. and the guest appearances were wisely chosen. And Son Em’ All worked his magic lyrically on most of the project. On some of his milder tracks he didn’t seem at his full potential. He definitely has the skills and train of thought to always bring it. I think he just needs to really dig deep and loosen up more when performing certain styles. However, his milder tracks did have some knowledge and messages in them that people for sure need to hear. With all of the silly stuff that goes on in the Hip-Hop scene, there are going to be some folks who don’t like this album. But all of the TRUE Hip-Hop fans will find it to be a worthwhile offering. The Hoodie Chronicles -Volume 1 drops August 3, 2012. So be sure to check back around that time for a link update. -MinM

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