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Exclusive: Son Em’ All F/ Beanz – “On The Rise”

by Miracle

(Photo By BlackWorld Music Group)

“On The Rise” F/ Beanz (listen/download)

Profound thinker and emcee Son Em’ All has decided to utilize the site in his promotion for his upcoming project The Hoodie Chronicles – Volume 1. Which means another exclusive leak. If readers missed “100” which was the first leak, they can check it out here. This second single has been named “On The Rise” and features Milwaukee female rapper Beanz. The production was once again handled by B.U. of BlackWorld Music Group. And he did a fantastic job.

The production is fire. It is comprised of a crazy heavy bass, strong knock, intense background elements, and a serious tone. The hook embodies some heat too. The delivery is charismatic and the lyrics are infectious. Check it out: “And what, look, you ain’t said a thang though. Son Em’ All and Beanz make you lean, blow ya brainz flow. We dumb it down and we get pounds and all the kudos. We had to drop a track for shaking ass … culo.” That’s wild, right? The verses are sick as well. Son takes the first and Beanz handles the second. Both rappers came with aggressive flows, acute wordplay, and premium rhymes. Each artist conveys to the listener how they feel about their stance in this Hip-Hop game. And they have some fierce things to get off their chests. Peep Son as he unleashes: “Ask ya dame. I skeeted on ya cds and whited out the name. I switched the moniker. You probably slept on that too. I used to call me Prodigal Son like I was that dude. But now I found a wealth of knowledge in these politics. I got the game. So this is buffing and me polishing. I got the gift of gab. I always did I promise you.” Wicked spitting going on in those lines. Overall this song is a certified banger. It is flawless from beginning to end.

**My Two Cents: Son and Beanz got off on this track hands down. And B.U. put his foot in the production so to speak. Really have nothing bad to say about it. The only hang up was the title. I didn’t feel the song embodied the traditional meaning of being “on the rise.” However, Son Em’ All has his own definition for the phrase: “being able to create without restraints and without having to mind the politics that are in place here in the underground Hip-Hop scene.” So I was thinking more along the lines of success/accomplishments and he was thinking more along the lines of freedom. Gotta love the flexibility of interpretation. At any rate, this is not a song to be slept on. So go hit up Sound Cloud and get to listening. Readers can find Son Em’ All on the web via Facebook and Beanz just created a new Fan Page as well. -MinM

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