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Exclusive: Son Em’ All – “100” (Produced By B.U.)

by Miracle

(Photo By Son Em’ All)


The homie Son Em’ All is gearing up to bless the game with an extremely promising brand new project next month. He’s dubbed it The Hoodie Chronicles – Volume 1 and has been putting in a lot of work to make sure it’s that heat that fans have come to expect from him. As a sample of what’s in store, he exclusively leaked a track to the site. It’s called “100” and was produced by B.U. of BlackWorld Music Group. Here is what he had to say about the cut: “This track is inspired by the relationships I’ve been thru, the one I’m living with now, and for anybody who has felt or said or experienced in any way the emotion of the words and phrases used in this record.” That was well put.

The production here is top of the line. It includes a soft tone peppered with delicate musical ingredients and a smooth breezy vibe. The hook is decent. The delivery could use a little work. Just a slight change in the pace or flow would make a big difference. The lyrics are fine and straight to the point. The verses are proficient. Son contributes his trademark flow, deft wordplay, and premium rhymes.The first verse is okay but the song really picks up from the second verse on. He shares what’s on his mind in regards to the leading lady in his life in a very open and truthful fashion. Observe as he spits: “You know I’m a felon baby, right? I did time. It’s a way I gotta live, with probation in mind. And facing the grind. I gotta take it day by day. We a team? Let me coach. Follow play by play. N—as be hating. They wanna tear what we got down. That’s why I need you with ya game face when I’m not around. I decide to make a move I’m gone run it by you. Other hoes wanna pay me. I’m a take that loot and spread with you.” Son dropped some gems right there and kept it all the way real. In the end, this song is a winner.
Son Em’ All tried something new and it worked out nicely.

**My Two Cents: I was feeling this joint. It’s a different look for Son Em’ All but that’s a good thing. It shows he can change things up and still create dope music. I think his fans will really like this cut too. The ladies will appreciate the vulnerability in it and the fellas will appreciate the realness. But readers are always encouraged to listen to the song for themselves. And catch Son live tonight at the site’s debut event. -MinM


Son Em' All June 27, 2012 - 1:39 am

Miracle is a special person. The way you break down the music is a skill that a lot of artists don’t even have. Thank you for the continued opportunities and inspiration. “The Hoodie Chronicles vol.1” #TuneIn…

Missy June 27, 2012 - 11:23 am

Good shit!



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