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Blizz McFly – Flight: Eighty-Nine (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

Blizz Mcfly FLIGHT89 Cover(Photo By Band Camp)

Flight: Eighty-Nine (listen/download)

Previous Review: “Just Dance”

As previously mentioned, the talented Blizz McFly (SAFS Crew) dropped a fresh mixtape at the beginning of this month called, Flight: Eighty-Nine. Since the project’s first single “Just Dance” got such a positive response, decided to go ahead and dig into the rest of the tape as well. Here is the story that inspired the tape: Flight: Eighty-Nine stems from me wanting to buy a pair of Retro Jordan 4′s one day and they were sold out. So I caught the Flight 89’s instead because they have the same bottoms and look similar. However, upon purchasing these sneakers I ended up going through many obstacles while walking in my Flights, everyday I wanted to elevate out of these situations I was forced into so I started to gain more knowledge to counteract adversity; and that’s my meaning of being FLY. So in order to attain Flight you must be FLY: THE NEW COOL.” – Blizz McFly / Find out what hits the site uncovered after the jump.


The production here is refined. It is made up of: a low-pitched core, mellow secondary components, and an austere vibe. The hook is proper. The delivery is relishable and contains a hint of melody. The lyrics are uninhibited. The verses are satisfying. Blizz executes a logical flow, estimable wordplay, and stringent rhymes. He transmits personal details on his life and his career, giving the listener some understanding of what he’s all about. He spits: “Had nightmares of the bottom since high chairs and the bottle. Trying to live when you’re given the hardest pill to swallow. If life is what you make it then I might just spend the rest of mine creating a better place for the faces subtracted from the equation. My n—a we trying to live. No hand outs but something has got to give.” Intricate bars being relayed right there.  Overall, this is a worthy number and an ideal anthem for anyone going through tough times.

“Hard White (All Raw)”

The production here is good. It envelops: a soulful foundation, a graceful rhythm, flattering background sounds, and a nonchalant vibe. The hook makes the grade too. The delivery is attractive and the lyrics are shrewd. The verses are meditative. Blizz serves up an attentive flow, indicative wordplay, and judicious rhymes. He conveys some deep thoughtful sentiments as it pertains to a variety of themes such as: drugs, people being misled, the plight of the youth, financial hardships, etc. A couple of notable lines are: “Guess possession’s what we have now. Nothing to do but dollar pursue. Wish that his collar was blue. Can’t get a job because he twist up daily. Just another one that’s caught into the mix up. Risking getting his fists cuffed. Holding a couple of bricks of hard white.” Unique and descriptive bars right there. All in all, this is a compelling cut.

“Loud” F/ Great & Klassik

This song not only boasts Great & Klassik on the performance tip but they also jointly produced the track as well. Their efforts were not in vain. The production turned out successfully. The gentle unfaltering bass, nonconformist secondhand ingredients, and unwinding vibe create a marvelous commodity. The hook is decent. Klassik has enchanting vocals and the lyrics are non-complex. There is a high pitched vocal element in the background that could have been left off though. It just interrupts the suave nature of things. Klassik would have been splendid on the hook all by himself. The verses are superior. Great does his thing first, Blizz takes over next, and Klassik sends it home. All three artists rolled out individually marked flows and deviceful rhymes. Memorable lines from Blizz include: “Mind on my money. Oh in time it is coming. Got to grind through the jungle. Bro, it’s fine to be humble but let the confidence come through. When being yourself these suckers try to become you. Ain’t got s–t in between my teeth but I’m a floss, fam. Trying to seek employment cause they see who the boss man. Got them big dreams. In search of them bright lights.” Sleek bars assembled by Blizz right there. In the end, this is a lofty collaboration and the favorite off of the tape.

**My Two Cents: Flight: Eighty-Nine was a nice collective. The tracks really reflected the earlier mentioned inspiration behind the tape. They were also multifaceted in style, so each one afforded the listener something different. To add to that, the guest appearances were absolute and the production fit thoroughly. In it’s entirety, Flight: Eighty-Nine ranks as a 4/5. Readers should definitely add it to their Summer music pile. On another note, next time you’re on Twitter be sure to visit Blizz’s account. -MinM

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