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Kia Rap Princess – I Am Kia Rap Princess (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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I Am Kia Rap Princess (listen/download)

Last month one of Milwaukee’s leading entertainers, Kia Rap Princess (Blaqlizt Entertainment) blessed the game with her third mixtape. It was astutely titled, I Am Kia Rap Princess and was brought in with tons of excitement that included a fun filled release event at local venue The Uptowner. The tape consists of 14 total tracks with guest appearances by other 414 favorites like Nu Money and Jae Ace. They say the third time’s a charm. See if that rings true for the princess after the break.

“Party People”

The production here has a silky nature to it. It is formulated of: a Reggae style base, creeping momentum, occasional intriguing sound effects, and a low-key vibe. The hook comes in at the end of the record. It is of a satisfactory quality. The delivery is eclectic and the lyrics are genial. There is only a single verse on this selection. But it works out nicely as it is an auspicious set of words. Kia implements an informal flow, sly wordplay, and capital rhymes. There is no set theme or message on this one. Kia just has a good time on the mic while letting her personality sparkle. She spits: “Not bragging though just speaking out on all my blessings. Cause on this path to success I learned many lessons. Like keep your friends close and enemies farther. And if ain’t about the money, please don’t even bother. They came a long way from doing free shows. To being paparazzi spotted with them freak hoes.” Ace lines from the heiress in those bars. Overall, this is a great track to just put on repeat and zone out to.


The production here is fire. It is made up of: a stout bass, active rhythmical components, a peppy tempo, and a street vibe. The hook is super catchy. The delivery is full of magnetism and the lyrics are colorful. The verses are hot too. Kia dons an eccentric swift flow, liberated wordplay, and forward yet peerless rhymes. She really embraces the whole letting loose motif of the track. A handful of discernible lines include: “I’m on my s–t and I know that you pissed. I’m in the game and I know that you benched. I make it rain while you getting drenched. I came in that club you ain’t seen ya ho since. Looked around like where she go? Sitting in my car like there she go. (…) But if ya ho choosing you should let her go. Cause I take her down and then drop her off. The ho get out of line, make her stop and walk.” Words spoken in a manner only fitting of a true boss. All in all, this is a banger and the favorite off of the tape.

“Never Get Enough” F/ Nu Money

This single marks the end of the project. The production here is choice. The foreboding hefty foundation, hairline secondhand ingredients, and hood vibe make for a seemly composite. The hook is retainable. The delivery is steadfast and the lyrics are to the point. The verses are of a blue-ribbon quality. Kia rules the first half of the song and Nu Money takes charge of the second half. The duo each bring well blended flows and rugged rhymes. The two do a premier job of penning an ode to the all mighty dollar. A sprinkling of lines worth mentioning from Kia are: “Tell you one thing about it, I could never get enough of this money or this cash. If you ain’t about either, kiss my a**. I’m rolling a blunt. Then I pass. Mix that purple with that hash. Get on the grind. Then I mash to put 200 on the dash.” Crafty opener being spit right there. As a whole, this was a merited finisher for the tape.

**My Two Cents: I Am Kia Rap Princess indeed turned out to be a charm. Kia made a pertinent contribution, the production was expedient, and the guest appearances were well placed. Kia was truly in her element. The only critique would be that Kia shed her laid-back style a little more often. She slays in that setting but she does excel in other modes too. It would expand the range of her music and keep her listeners on their toes. As a complete project though, I Am Kia Rap Princess still ranks in a 4/5. After readers get a chance to take in the tape, they should visit Kia’s Sound Cloud page. It’s just been a little over a month and the hard working emcee is already moving forward with new tunes. There are some nice mainstream remixes in the bunch, so don’t sleep. -MinM

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