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Leftovers: Volume 1 (preview)

Marxmill is a Milwaukee based producer who has been doing his thing for about 15 plus years now. He credits his inspiration for getting into the creation of music to veteran producer/rapper Dr. Dre and his album, The Chronic. His other influences include everyone from The Neptunes to Stevie Wonder. He started off working within the local scene courtesy of rapper July Eihth. From there, he transitioned into working with the Blaqlizt Entertainment faction. Specifically, he became the mastermind behind hits for the camp’s leading artist, Kia Rap Princess. Though he specializes in R&B and Hip-Hop music, he dabbles in other genres as well from time to time. His ultimate goal is to link up with artists that he can explore and push boundaries with, resulting in successful hits and projects. On his quest to said goal, he is getting some practice in. A current product of some of that preparation, is a beat tape entitled, Leftovers: Volume 1. It is the first offering in a Hip-Hop instrumental series. Find out what the tape has in store by clicking the jump.

The “Intro” to the tape is hot. It contains a solid bass, catchy rhythm, a beat box style element, and a serious tone. It’s reminiscent of very pure Hip-Hop, a more conscious type emcee could work wonders with the beat. The next selection that stands out is a number called “Pass By.” The smooth foundation, groovy instruments, soulful clips, and light spirited vibe are heaven to the ears. Could without a doubt see a laid back artist like J. Cole or Kendrick Lamar having a good time with this one. “Pass By” ranks as an early favorite. The down home form of expression lingers around in variation for a few more beats. “Evaporate” is a beat that shifts the mood to a more fierce level. The weighted infrastructure laced with the emphatic components and obscure vibe go together handsomely. The tune would be the perfect backing to a gangsta or street brand of song. Another beat worth highlighting in the middle section of the tape is labeled, “Arcade Flow.” It stands out due to it’s eccentric composite, uptempo pace, and ambiguous vibe. It would be a challenge to rhyme over but the right versatile emcee could make an awesomely unique hit out of it. Towards the end of the project are savvy beats like “FreakQncy.” It should be noted that this particular beat was used in The Illixer‘s first ever song contest. It was chosen due to it’s debonair core, laid back secondary ingredients, and super appealing vibe. The beat has banger written all over it. It’s a shame no one stepped up to the plate during the contest. The offering closes out with “Outtie.” It’s a non-complicated piece with a steady bass, whistling style effect, and a casual tone. It has all the makings of the perfect soundtrack to some sort of interlude or skit. All in all, it was an applaudable way to conclude the beat tape.

**My Two Cents: I am a huge fan of Marxmill and his work. I have loved everything that he has done for the Blaqlizt artists. So I was excited to hear his work outside of producing for a specific purpose. And Leftovers: Volume 1 does not disappoint. It is a refreshing collective that would be a dream for those artists who have a more subdued style/sound. It would have been nice to hear a few more upbeat club style tracks though. And since he does work in other genres some mash ups would have been interesting to hear as well. Maybe those can be ideas for volume 2 of the series. However as an all around beat tape, Leftovers: Volume 1 earned a 4/5. Any artists interested in working with Marxmill can drop a line to the Blaqlizt team at blaqliztmusicent@gmail.com and someone will be in touch for sure. -MinM