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Blizz McFly F/ Great – “Just Dance”

by Miracle

Blizz Mcfly FLIGHT89 Cover(Photo By Band Camp)

“Just Dance” F/ Great (listen/download)

Flight: Eighty-Nine (listen/download)

Milwaukee emcee Blizz McFly (SAFS Crew) has released a brand new project just in time for Hip-Hop heads to ring in their Summer with. It’s been dubbed Flight: Eighty-Nine and it contains 15 all new tracks with guest appearances from the likes of: Klassik, Genesis Renji, Dukalion, and more. Today the site received the project’s first single, “Just Dance.” The song was produced by and includes a guest appearance from Blizz’s homie Great. He did a stand up job. The production is exquisite. It entails: a hearty foundation, groovy musical ingredients, a contagious rhythm, and an entertaining vibe. The hook is of four star quality. The vocals are spotless and the lyrics are fetching. Fun fact about the hook is that it was performed by Great himself. So he produces, raps, and sings. Dopeness, right? The verses are favorable. The flow is carefree, the wordplay is diverting, and the rhymes are high-grade. It’s an enjoyable way to show attentiveness to a special lady. A handful of interesting lines are: “So I let her know the slick feelings young pimping been feeling. I was really getting into her brain. Cause I’m quite clever with the letters. Found a better way to tell her. She said she been feeling the same. And I’m different from them other guys that she been dealing with. Too cool like refrigerants.” Those are some pretty suave bars right there. Overall, this record is a chart topper.

**My Two Cents: I was very excited to receive new music by Blizz & Great as it has been a while since they were featured on the site. And it was well worth the wait. This track is hot. I loved the production and the content was super appealing too. SAFS Crew never disappoints. Be sure to hit up that link and check out Flight: Eighty-Nine in it’s entirety once you’re done jamming out to the single. -MinM

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