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$hamrock & Locodunit – Mafia $$ (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

MAFIA $$ COVER(Photo By $hamrock)

Mafia $$ (listen/download)

Last week Thursday (8-8-13), Southern emcees $hamrock & Locodunit finally released their highly awaited joint mixtape, Mafia $$ courtesy of Hip-Hop website Dirty Glove Bastard. It holds a total of 13 tracks, a couple of which were leaked early: “3Sum” & “Talk About Guns.” And then of course there is “Zip Code” which is the song/video that set everything in motion. The tape is hosted by DJ Ritz and features production from Luney Tunez, Gezin Beats, and Drew Nel, just to name a few. So was it worth the anticipation and all of the duo’s teasing on their respective social media sites? Carry on after the jump to find out.


This song was disclosed to fans just shortly before the tape itself hit the net. It’s a hood style anthem littered with a lot of football references. So it doubles as an indirect ode of sorts to everyone’s favorite sport. Which is fitting as the NFL is in the midst of it’s pre-season. This record was produced by Red Eyez. The production here is fire. The sunken foundation, coarse musical components, infectious mid-tempo rhythm, and serious vibe are the perfect combination. The hook goes in too. The delivery is enticing and the lyrics are retainable. The verses are good. Loco takes the starting position and $hamrock follows suit. The pair exhibit their signature flows, talented wordplay, and well formulated rhymes. They do a great job of breaking down the ‘mafia $$’ lifestyle through football terminology. Loco is all about one taking what they want by any means necessary. He commands: “Get yo a** on the floor. Throw me that chain, I’m wide open. N—as know. Man I came to intercept a n—a dough. N—a talking like he broke. But he got cash in the safe. You know I gotta come with a mask and a flag on the play. Where ya hiding it at? If I got to, I’ll go to yo mama’s. Hit her a** for that dough. And I bet that be a fumble.” While $hamrock is all about stacking money and giving the haters a reason to be envious. He spits: “Real s–t, I know why that broke boy hate me. Cause I’m all up on his a** like a safety. And I’m a run it back like a running-back. I caught my first play for a hundred racks. $hamrock forever paid homie gone head accept it. He thought he hit a lick but I’m a intercept it. I run my team efficient. We get it, no huddle.” Both rappers provided some cunning MVP worthy bars. Overall, this song is a smash. Be sure to check out the Madden NFL based promo video at the end of the review.

“Black Belt”

Gezin Beats was behind the boards on this one. The production here is on ten. The booming bass, climatic musical ingredients, steady pace, and severe vibe result in a favorable blend. The hook is something special too. The delivery is magnetic and the lyrics stick heavily with the listener. The verses are of a four star quality. Locodunit makes his presence felt first and $hamrock shows out afterwards. Both artists brandish token flows, respectable wordplay, and immaculate rhymes. They represent the epitome of what it means to be the best of the best in the streets and in the rap game. Take note as $hamrock spits: “Boy getting money my real sport. This rap just my hobby. See y’all played out like Hitachi. And I chop game like Hibachi. I got a black belt in hustling. Got a black belt in stacking. I know some real Memphis pimps. Gave me a black belt in macking. And I’m on team no lacking. So if you capping I’m with ya. And you might see me with Loco cause Loco my ninja.” One has to enjoy the savvy personality that $ham display in those bars. All in all, this track is a banger and the site favorite.

“Louie Life”

Drew Nel provides the sounds on this cut. The production turned out proficiently. It is comprised of: a weighted infrastructure, hard hitting background elements, an energetic gait, and an appealing vibe. The hook is fresh. $hamrock offers up a versatile delivery and the lyrics are trendy. The verses are gratifying. $hamrock rips the mic first and Locodunit shuts it down next. The fellas dish out graceful flows, quality wordplay, and first-rate rhymes. They switch things up a bit and share a little about the more luxurious side of their lifestyles. Peep as Loco verbalizes: “On a flight from Vegas to LA. It took me about a hour. Feel like I’m still trapping, midget, Austin Powers. Taking cash naps and dreaming about the next travel. Crashing on the plane. Call it twin towers. Catch me reading the Forbes. On several accords. New to this Louie life airline, welcome aboard.” Creative bars with a sophisticated tone to them right there. In the end, this is another success story for $ham & Loco.

**My Two Cents: Mafia $$ is a slamming mixtape. $hamrock and Locodunit work phenomenally together. Their rhymes were in sync, their hooks were off the chain, and they linked up with some really beasty producers. All 13 tracks shine in their own right. This collaboration project was a very wise move. Fans of both artists will be very pleased. And each rapper will definitely earn some new supporters as well. As a whole, I’d give Mafia $$ a 4/5 ranking. So stop sleeping and go download it pronto. -MinM

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