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Maximus Da Mantis – “Illixer Freeverse”

by Miracle

freestyle(Photo By Google Images)

“Illixer Freeverse” (preview)

There is nothing like experiencing a talented emcee spitting a freestyle off the top of the dome. Not many can do it well. It is a truly impressive talent and testament to skill. It is even more special to be a part of the inspiration or to receive some sort of acknowledgment in regards to said freestyle. So when Milwaukee’s own Maximus Da Mantis hit us up to share an exclusive freeverse he did just for the site, it was only right to post it for the readers to enjoy. The production here is idyllic. It consists of a rich foundation, simple yet polished secondary components, a median rhythm, and an informal vibe. The uninterrupted rhymes are befitting. Maximus utilizes a dedicated flow, smart wordplay, and sophisticated rhymes. His gift for the site may have been the track itself but his gift for the listener is all knowledge. He spits: “Welcome to the city of dark. Spark the light if you foolish. Alert all the hawks. Tonight we dine amongst rulers. Genocide, tunnel through your thoughts. (…) Crack cocaine, no gain. Soul train, soul fame, and this whole game so lame. No brain, all shame. Abused, confused, like young Black youth. Word up.” Those bars are an intricate and stimulating way to end the record. Overall, this was a first-rate freeverse.

**My Two Cents: This was very pleasant surprise. I enjoy a good freestyle. And I am always super honored whenever an artist takes the time to give the site or myself a nod in their music. It’s a very meaningful form of appreciation to me. So nothing but respect for Maximus Da Mantis on this one. Listen up when you have a chance. -MinM

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