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Kia Rap Princess – “On My Grizzly” & “Wonder” (Video)

by Miracle

artworks-000055322005-nfmpks-t500x500(Photo By Steve White)

“On My Grizzly” (preview)

I Am Kia Rap Princess (listen/download)

Kia Rap Princess has never been an artist who was short on product. She makes sure to keep her music catalog and visuals fresh on a regular basis. Her latest efforts come from a standalone  track called “On My Grizzly” and a video for a song dubbed “Wonder.” Let’s dig into the loose single first. The cut sees Kia teaming up with a new face behind the boards. Georgia producer Grizzly On The Beat happens to be said new face. He is a member of Artist Publishing Group which is a branch of Warner/Chappell Music. He did a bang up job. The production is sick. The grounded bass, versatile background components, conventional tempo, and snazzy vibe make for chart topping ingredients. The hook is on ten too. The delivery is upbeat and the lyrics are memorable. The verses are front-line quality. Kia serves up a speedy diverse version of her token flow, facetious wordplay, and supernal rhymes. She gives a charismatic account of what it means for her to be on the grind. Some noteworthy lines include: “All the people say I’m shining while my people shining with me. Ho you know I’m just that thorough. Don’t be acting all sadiddy. Hold up tell ’em my name Kia. You don’t know me that’s a pity. In a minute it won’t matter. You gone see me on yo tv. All yo kids gone know my songs. And all yo friends gone wanna see me. Don’t be mad if you look up and see yo baby mama with me.” The princess sets the track on fire with those opening bars. Overall, this song is a smash.

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, “Wonder” is another offering that Kia has in rotation via video. The song itself is a brief gritty yet fresh track. The production is of a high quality with intense musical elements and a street vibe. The hook is nice too. The delivery is engaging and the lyrics are simple yet catchy. The lone verse is superb. Kia brings her best as she reassures the world that the top spot in the music game is hers for the taking. The  flick was shot by Mad Dope Visuals. It is a perfect representation of the rugged single. It features an animated KRP doing her thing at dusk at a couple of low key spots around the city. The crystal clear lighting, isolated locations, and movement based special effects really added to the pep of the video. All in all, this was a salutary viewing.

**My Two Cents: I love both of these efforts from KRP. She utilized her talents to the fullest potential as always. Also, I am happy to see her expanding and working with new people. I Am Kia Rap Princess is currently available on Dat Piff (see above provided link) and readers can keep up with future: new releases, show announcements, new videos, and more by following the princess on Twitter. For local supporters, she is another artist who will be a part of the upcoming Milwaukee Music Festival at Washington Park. She performs this Saturday (8/24) between 3 – 4pm. Hope to see you there! -MinM

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