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Emmitt James Presents: James London Vlog Series – Entries #1 & #2 (Videos)

by Miracle

To spice up the campaign for his upcoming EP James London, Emmitt James has decided to throw a vlog series into the mix. It is aptly titled the James London Vlog Series and the project is already two episodes deep. A new episode will be unleashed every week up until the date the EP hits the net. Said date is currently set for Tuesday, September 3, 2013. Each installment consists of a tale connected to Emmitt James in some way that is told through audio and images. The first episode is titled “Genesis Renji (How I Met Emmitt).” It features emcee Genesis Renji of House Of Renji detailing his first encounter with Emmitt which took place in high school. It is a comical story but at the same time it depicts Renji’s respect for Emmitt and his craft. That’s an extremely positive thing to witness between artists. It was a great debut as well as a fun way to kick off the series.

Episode two is labeled “Maira Avila (Journey Of A Dreamer).” Emmitt’s significant other shares the story of her trials and tribulations in Mexico as well as here in the states. She had to deal with her mom leaving her behind at a young age to prepare a way for her family in America. She had to go to school in extremely poor conditions. And the list goes on. Upon finally coming to the U.S., she and her family had more than they did in Mexico but still faced financial hardships, hunger issues, etc. Despite it all, she maintains a positive attitude with dreams and aspirations. She uses her past as motivation to succeed. Her journey also serves as her bonding point with Emmitt James as he too has experienced the rougher side of life. They lift each other up and are working together towards brighter futures. This was a very gripping and touching entry.

**My Two Cents: This was a really creative venture to include in the campaign. No artist has done a vlog series in quite this manner before. It’s very interesting and allows Emmitt’s supporters to get to know him on a more personal level. I liked both entries and can’t wait for the third vlog to drop. On another note, The Illixer is proud to announce that the site is the official host of the upcoming James London EP. So be sure to check back for: future releases, videos, vlogs, and so forth. Much love to Emmitt James for the opportunity! -MinM

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