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Signif – “Late Night Jazz” (Video)

by Miracle

valbs(Photo By Signif)

“Late Night Jazz” (listen/download)

The one and only Signif is keeping things moving right along in the promotion for her upcoming EP, Friction. To accompany the project’s first single “Late Night Jazz,” she recently unveiled a video for the track. For a refresher on the song readers can check out the site’s previous review here. Discover how she visually represented her love of Hip-Hop & Jazz after the break.

This video was filmed by Signif’s go to guy, Darren Alexander Cole. He also co-directed the flick with the female emcee. The setting for the project is Paris, France. Signif spent some time over there this Summer expanding her performance portfolio and apparently worked in some video time too. One has to love that work ethic. The concept for the video is pretty straight laced. The camera basically just captures Signif’s journey through the French speaking city. She stopped by the Eiffel Tower, took in some of the local graffiti/art, engaged with a few of the residents, and more. A highlight of her tour were the glimpses of the artistic black & white photos of some the biggest names in the Hip-Hop culture. Tupac, Eminem, Raekwon, Diddy, and Mos Def are just a couple of the faces that were displayed in the collection. To make the video even more engaging, there are a variety of motion and transitional effects added in. The overseas adventure ends with a fading black & white view of some buildings. Overall, this was a copacetic watch.

**My Two Cents: This was a cool video. Signif and her crew selected some interesting locations to shoot at. Also, I loved the Eiffel Tower shots in the beginning and the photos of the different Hip-Hop artists. That was a wonderful addition to the flick. Very happy to see that Signif was able to make the most of her time in Paris. Friction is due out later on this year. So stay tuned for future leaks, videos, etc. -MinM

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