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Like A Legend – “Playing Dirty”

by Miracle

singlecover(Photo By Like A Legend)

“Playing Dirty” (listen/download)

Diverse Milwaukee talent Like A Legend has dispersed another new song for his supporters. This one is titled “Playing Dirty.” The single is inspired by Legend’s days spent in the country where he engaged in outdoor parties and listened to Country & Rock music. Sounds like a fabulous time. The production here is of five star quality. It is made up of: a relaxed core, invigorating musical components, a rhythmical tempo, and a jovial vibe. The hook is choice too. The vocals are spot on and the lyrics are infectious. Who can resist lines like: “You know it ain’t nothing playing dirty. I lived this way my whole damn life. Loved ones keep on praying for me. If I can’t change why should I try? I said yeah put your bottles high. Oh yeah, put your bottles high. Oh yeah, put your bottles high. Oh yeah, put your bottles high.” What honest yet diverting lines. The verses are suitable. Like A Legend brandishes a brisk flow, hip wordplay, and sufficient rhymes. He definitely reflects his source of inspiration as he breaks down the elements that he feels makes for a good party. He states: “But still we’re getting crazy as f–k. Let’s crank the radio up. I’m bringing out the keg and some cups. We getting faded or what? Come on who wants to take me on in a game of pong. Remember that’s my table son. I’m hanging on too until the break of dawn. And later on if the keg is gone, it don’t matter I’m a fill them cups with Jager bombs.” Like A Legend seems to be the life of the festivities for sure. All in all, this is another congenial track from the eccentric artist.

**My Two Cents: I found this song to be really appealing. Like A Legend provides an awesome contribution, the topic is super fun, and the production is outstanding. He did a nice job of paying homage to his time in the country. To the point where it kind of makes the listener wish they were there too. Which is a superb impact for a song to have. I think readers should certainly take a minute and give this track a spin. It would fit in nicely on those end of the Summer party playlists. -MinM

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